Spring Update 2019

Dear Prayer Partners,

It’s been a few months since our last, Praise Update & Prayer Needs. But as we sit down to write this time around we can’t help but be reminded that it’s a privilege to serve the Lord this way. We are thankful for your desire to read about what God is doing in our ministry and lives. It blesses us to know that many of you take an active role in our ministry by praying and supporting, so thank you again! Below are some things God has provided for and things He is doing in the near future. Enjoy the read and thank you ahead of time for reading, praying and supporting!


PROVIDING IN AN UNEXPECTED WAY –A PART-TIME JOB: At various times God IMG_5879provided for the apostle Paul, one of the greatest missionaries the church has seen, through the use of his tent making skills on occasion. Of course God also provided through churches and people personally supporting him, but his tent making was something that was necessary at times and something God used to provide not only for Paul, but also for those he served with. God used Paul’s willingness to labor with his own hands as a witness and example to those he ministered to. We believe that is what God has done for us in recent weeks. As we sought the Lord and prayed for Him to provide we believe He has done so through a part-time job that Frank was blessed with earlier this year. The company flies him to different countries mostly within the EU to do this work, and he usually only works twice per month during the week. To top it off, God showed how awesome He is by providing a job that Frank is not at all qualified for. He is receiving training but had no prior experience with the specific work that he is doing. This job is also flexible and allows him to continue pursuing his calling as a pastor and missionary. You might be asking, “Why would God do this?” The simple answer is because He can and wanted to. We have been more than willing to go down this path if the Lord led, which He obviously has. God could have easily provided more support, which He still can, and which we still need, but He sometimes does the unexpected and unexplainable because His ways and thoughts are higher than ours!

REACHING OUT WITH THE GOSPEL: In the month of May our church is planning a simple outreach to non-believers. It will be a time for people to ask questions as we ask the questions to them, “What is life about?” “Who do you think created life?” and obviously base it according to what scripture says about these things. Our hope is that it will provoke thoughts and questions and lead to healthy discussions about God’s word and open doors for the gospel. We will begin to hand out flyers to this in the different towns next week. If all goes well, the May outreach could be the first of many to come!

HAPPENINGS AT CC KANDERTAL: Since January we’ve had one guest speaker each month from different Calvary Chapels in Germany. Our reason for doing this is to not only expose those in our church to our sister churches but also to pastors teaching in German with English translation. This has been a blessing to the small German contingency in our church. Other than that we’ve been plugging along on Sundays teaching through Genesis. We’ve also been doing “CCK Friday Nights” twice per month at different families homes. One Friday is a worship/prayer evening called “Selah” and one is a Bible study we’ve called “Distinctive” where we hit some of the non-essential topics in God’s word that Calvary stands on. All of these are done in faith praying and believing they are making a difference.

MAY & AUGUST EURORPEAN CONFERENCES: At the end of May before we fly out to the States we are attending the Leadership Conference hosted by CC Siegen here in Germany. This is a time we get to spend with likeminded folks, connect with others serving in Germany and get refreshed in God’s word. We will be bringing some people from our church to expose them more to what Calvary Chapel is all about and give them opportunity to connect with new people. Also we hope (Lord providing) to attend the Refresh Conference in Austria in August when we return from the States. These times are usually the only time we can connect with our fellow missionaries serving in other areas of Europe and at the same time sit under some good teaching from visiting pastors.

SUMMER STATESIDE VISIT, JUNE & JULY: We were recently blown away by some friends of ours who blessed us with roundtrip tickets to the States through the use of their air miles. We are so grateful for God providing through them and pray that He would bless them for this amazing gift! Our first stop will be to New York to visit a supporting church in Brooklyn, Horizon Christian Fellowship but the bulk of our time will be spent in California connecting with friends, maybe attending a pastor’s conference, visit supporting churches and individuals and of course spending time with some family. We will spend the final week and a half of this trip in Colorado. The company Frank works for is based in Denver so we’ll make a point to drop in and meet some of his bosses and colleagues. We also plan to go visit friends that live in different parts of the State and spend our last two Sundays getting fed God’s word at a couple good churches we know there.

Our main focus for this furlough is to simply get refreshed in God’s word, seek Him, and rest, so whatever God adds to that will be a bonus. We really look forward to what He will do during this whole time.

PASTORAL COVERAGE WHILE WE ARE STATESIDE: We are so thankful for the way

Edmund & Martha Coronel
Edmund & Martha Coronel

that the Lord provided for our church and ministry here in Germany. We had been praying for a couple months whether or not to go on a furlough, as it’s been over two years since our last visit. One thing we asked the Lord to do was give us confirmation by bringing a pastor to cover while we were gone… and He did! Edmund and Martha Coronel served in Germany for over 20 years. They first served in Siegen and then planted Calvary Chapel Herborn where Edmund pastored for over 15 years. A year and some months back Edmund had the blessing of handing the church over to a national, which is the ultimate goal for most missionary church planters, including us. This wonderful couple has been friends of ours for many years and we are so thankful for their willingness to come and serve the people at CC Kandertal. No matter the size of our church Edmund and Martha’s heart is to simply serve the people and love on our community. The experience they bring to the table is priceless and we are so blessed to have them this summer.

THINGS THE LORD’S BEEN TEACHING US: We’ll end our newsletter with this thought. God has truly been working and stretching us in our lives through the experiences we’ve had on this missionary journey. We’ve gone through church plant failures and successes, times of joy and heartbreak, betrayals and genuine friendships. When thinking about the painful and disappointing time we could easily justify pouting and saying things like, “Why me O God?” Which we’ve asked, trust me. But isn’t it better to stop and respond to God by saying, “Speak Lord, your servant is listening”? God knows and is in full control of all that comes our way. As of late we’ve been learning to respond to our circumstances and life this way, God gives and takes away so blessed be the name of the Lord! This job God has given Frank recently, the church He has entrusted to us, this ministry we are in, this missionary field we get the privilege to work, our finances good or bad… No matter what it is we should hold it loosely. This is what I think we’ve been relearning this past 15 years on the foreign field… hold it loosely because it’s all His anyways. We all need to see what God takes us through as preparation for what He has next, keeping this outlook helps to keep it simple and way less stressful. Two scriptures that stick out are: Matthew 6:33 “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” And, Matthew 6:27, “Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature?” Remember, God is good all the time and all the time…God is good!

Below are some things to keep us in prayer for. We did these Prayer requests similar to what we did last time and that is to get the main gist in bold and if you want to know more than read the text below it. Thanks for going further than this update and praying!


PLEASE PRAY FOR GOD TO SEND WORSHIP LEADERS TO CCK & PRAY FOR OUR WORSHIP LEADER WHO IS LEAVING FOR A YEAR THIS SUMMER: Our worship leader Karl will me leaving in June for an entire year for personal reasons. We will miss the Becker family so much as we have grown quite close these last couple years and consider them dear friends. We are asking God to fill Karl’s huge spot in our church and ministry by sending us people gifted in leading worship and the heart to lead others into the Lord’s presence.

 PLEASE PRAY THAT GOD WOULD USE THE CCK MINISTERIES TO BUILD UP AND REACH OUT: Men’s Study, Men’s & Women’s Monthly Breakfasts and our Bible studies and Worship nights on Fridays. We step out in faith doing these ministries and we are simply asking the Lord to meet us and bless each event.

PLEASE PRAY FOR GOD’S BLESSING ON OUR OUTREACH IN MAY: In the month of May we desire to do a simple outreach to non-believers, as explained in our update. Please pray as we make and hand out flyers to this, that it would bring out many and ultimately bring many to Jesus.

PRAY FOR CC KANDERTAL TO BE A LIGHT & EXAMPLE TO OUR COMMUNITY: We desire to be a church that makes a difference. One that is grounded first on God’s word, teaching through the entire Bible verse by verse, being the example of serving each other, having true fellowship with one another, reaching out into our community with the gospel, making disciples and inviting those that we meet to join this family we call CC Kandertal. We may be small but our hearts are to make a big impact with God’s favor and grace. Pray for the people in our church to continue to grab hold of this vision and that God would bring more to our church that share this heart and like-mindedness. Our prayer is that this church family would not just grow in number but in heart.

PLEASE PRAY FOR FRANK’S PART-TIME JOB: As we explained in our update God has provided through a secular job for our financial needs to be met. Please pray for God to sustain Frank as he travels twice a month to work for this company in different countries in Europe and at the same time pastor a church and minister to those He has entrusted to us in our ministry in Germany. Also pray for open doors to share Christ with people he comes in contact with while he’s at work and for him to be a light and witness to those that may have no exposure to Christians normally.

PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR STATESIDE VISIT IN JUNE & JULY AND THAT GOD WOULD PROVIDE ALL THAT IS NEEDED: Our main focus this time around will be to rest, get refreshed by sitting in church, and traveling to see different friends, supporting churches and people and visiting family members. Pray for the provision (things we need to buy, places to stay, car to drive, etc.) while we are back and that God would bless every bit of this time!

PLEASE PRAY FOR EDMUND & MARTHA CORONEL AS THEY COVER AT CC KANDERTAL THIS SUMMER: As you know God has provided a couple to watch over the ministry and church here in Germany while we are gone to the States. Pastor Edmund & his wife Martha served in Germany for about 20 years. They are dear friends; please pray God would use them mightily as they serve CC Kandertal and the community here!

 PLEASE PRAY FOR GOD’S CONTINUED BLESSING ON OUR MARRIAGE, HEALTH AND THAT HE WOULD GIVE US CONTINUED STRENGTH: We know that the enemy is always ready to target and attack these areas of our lives as he seeks to discourage, distract, and destroy us and our witness. So thankful our God is on the throne!

PLEASE PRAY FOR GOD’S PROVISION FOR OUR NEEDS OF THE CHURCH AND US PERSONALLY: We are continually blessed to see God provide financially for us but know that we can never be lax in asking Him to do so. Please pray for His provision both in our current ministry needs and our personal ones and that He would continue to guide those that He is using to meet our needs.

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Thank you again for taking the time to read, pray and support!

Lord Bless!

F & S Gonzalez

Suzie & I spending time together at a local zoo.
Suzie & I spending time together at a local zoo.