Become an Individual Supporter

Suzie and I are grateful for each individual supporter that partners with us in our ministry. We are blessed by your consideration. Please know that each financial contribution goes to cover both our personal living and ministry expenses such as rent, groceries, transportation, travel, health insurance, furloughs, language studies, and other miscellaneous expenses. Every little bit helps to provide these needs on a monthly basis.

There Are Two Ways To Give:



  • Please Make Checks Payable To: “GO Ministries” only and place our account number 1354 on the memo line of the check. It is extremely important to NEVER place our names anywhere on the check!
  • Mail All Checks To: GO Ministries, 270 E. Palais Rd., Anaheim, CA 92805

*Online Banking Bill Pay: Donors may also use auto payment from their bank bill pay and this is usually free of any charge. In such cases please follow the same instructions when paying via check.


TAX-DEDUCTION INFORMATION: All donors will receive year-end statements to for their tax-deductible donations.

DONATION DEADLINE: GO Ministries process all of their donations by the 25th of each month. All donations given before the 25th of the month will be forwarded to us in the following month. Donors are therefore encouraged to send in their donations well before the 25th in order ensure that the funds make it to us in the current pay period.




2 thoughts on “Become an Individual Supporter

  1. Dear Anon,

    Sorry for taking so long to reply to you. I only now noticed your message. We’re grateful for your heart to send a donation but will have to get back to you with directions. There is a way to donate online with a credit or bank card but I’ll have to get the details for you. Can you give me an email address to contact you at?

    Thanks again and Lord bless!


  2. Anon

    I would like to send some money to you but I don’t have a chequebook. Is there any other way that I could send money to you?

    God bless,

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