A New Year-Looking Ahead

Hello Everyone,

We are thankful for a blessed Christmas season as we focused on the gift that God has given us through Christ’s first advent. We had smaller and more intimate services for most of the Sundays in December as many were out of town for the holidays. The Sunday before Christmas we enjoyed Christmas carols led by one of the families in our church, had a short devo in Luke 2 and ended with a feast together and some fun games. For Christmas Eve our church joined another local church for an evening service that Frank and the other pastor, Joe, shared evangelistic meditations from the Christmas story, it was a truly blessed evening and we look forward to more joint events like this one in the future.

As we have entered into 2019 we do so with anticipation and hope of God doing some new things as well as continuing the vision that He has placed in our hearts for the church and our area of Germany.


Often times we all go into every new year with excitement of new things and that desire to leave the past hurts or disappointments exactly where they are…in the past. But, unfortunately many of us often do not take the time to exam what we may have made mistakes on or what God wanted us to learn from or even grow in. 2018 for us brought a wide range of situations, from various disappointments to new and unexpected blessings, blessed and sad subtractions to wonderful additions of many sorts, and health that was discouraging at times but also challenged us.

Through all of these good and bad things and as the scripture clearly shows us, God works all things out for the good for those that are called according to His purposes. We desire to see God’s plan for all of it, worked out, even when we don’t understand and truly trusting Him with our lives. We desire in this New Year to not look back but to look forward and say, “Thy will be done Lord here on earth as it is in heaven!” We need to be continually learning, growing and guarding our hearts against stagnancy, while seeking to remain usable to the Lord. Here are some verses that have stuck out and in our hearts and prayers in 2018 that we desire to carry and lean upon in 2019: “…Speak, LORD, for Your servant hears. ” -1 Samuel 3:9, “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”- Matthew 6:33, “Then all this assembly shall know that the LORD does not save with sword and spear; for the battle [is] the LORD’s, and He will give you into our hands.”- Samuel 17:47

 We pray the Lord would grant us favor in 2019 like never before and the things that He has shown us to do we will do faithfully and He will bless the work of our hands and help us to grow in our relationship with Him through it all. Thank you for standing in the gap with us through your prayers and faithfully supporting us in the various ways that God leads you. Happy New Year to you all! Below are some important praise & prayer requests for the New Year and the coming month.


CC KANDERTAL: We praise the Lord for our church that He has planted and for those He has chosen to add and subtract. We are grateful for each person in our church and thank Him for their hearts to sincerely call CCK their home. Please continue to pray for guidance and direction as we move forward into 2019. May God give Strength for people serving in different ways in our church, For the Holy Spirit to move within CCK in a mighty way, For people to desire to be involved more in our church activities, That God would continue to raise up people within our body to places of leadership, For the congregation to continue to grow in their walks with Jesus and for discipleship to be on everyone’s hearts who are part of the body of CC Kandertal.

MINISTRY TEAM: We praise the Lord for the CCK families and singles who’ve been giving of their time, gifting, and efforts to make this church a blessing to those who attend. We pray God would continue to raise up others to do likewise.

CO-LABORERS: We praise the Lord for Jayme Lechman who came to serve with us back in August and who has been a huge blessing ever since. She does more than what she is asked and is mature and teachable. We are thankful for the time we have her and for however long God would keep her here. With that we also continue to pray for the Lord of the harvest to send out more workers. We need people desiring to use their gifts to lead worship, minister to children, tech support, teach God’s word, and have hearts to do outreach and the like. We also pray that they’d be teachable and have open hearts to serve wherever there is need within the church and our ministry.

CCK 2019 VISION: We thank the Lord for the vision He has given us for this new year and ask that you continue to pray for our weekly Men’s Bible study and monthly breakfast and for the new things we are adding to our monthly schedule: Women’s Breakfast, Selah Worship & Prayer Nights, and Friday Night Foundational Biblical Topics. We pray for the leading of the Holy Spirit and God’s blessing on each of these ventures of faith!

PASTORS’ & LEADERS’ CONFERENCE: January 21-25 Frank will be headed to the annual conference for CC pastors and some of their male leaders at the Calvary Chapel conference center in Milstatt, Austria. This year Frank is taking Jeff who leads our men’s Bible study & CCK’s worship leader, Karl. They will be driving with the CC Freiburg guys, which will add to the growing relationship of our two churches. Please pray for this time to build, refresh, and challenge each of the men attending.

SPOTLIGHT PRAYER: This time we’d like to spotlight a wonderful couple in our church, Carsten & Daniela. Daniela has become our main translator and Carsten is a wonderful active participant in our men’s ministry and church life in general. We praise God for them but also ask that you would please lift this amazing couple up as they navigate life, ministry, jobs, grandkid, new puppy and anything else God puts on your heart to pray. We are so grateful to the Lord for them!

PERSONAL: For God’s continued blessing on our marriage, for our health and that He would continue to strengthen and encourage Suzie and I in times when we are tired or weary and that He would give us His peace that passes all understanding and that He would guard our hearts and minds from the evil one who desires to discourage, distract and destroy us. So thankful our God is on the throne!

PROVISION: We are thankful how God has provided through this last year in some surprising ways. We shouldn’t be amazed because He’s God and can do anything but we continually stand in awe of how much He loves us and pours out His mercy in different ways. Please pray about being an advocate for our ministry and us and about getting behind the work here and supporting what God is doing. Ultimately, pray for God to continue to provide for every need we have and give us the desires that He places on our hearts.

BECOMING AN ADVOCATE FOR US: If you want to know how to be an advocate and what it means to be one, you can visit our advocacy page on our Gonzo Gazette Newsletter by clicking, HERE. Either way we will be grateful for How God shows you to support.

Support Information:

If you are a church or an individual and would like to learn about partnering with us financially with either a one-time gift or regular monthly support you can visit our “SUPPORT” page or click here.

img_0888Thank you for taking the time to read, support and pray, we are truly grateful for each of you! We hope your Christmas was a blessed one and pray that God would bless you and keep you in 2019!

Much Love, Frank & Suzie Gonzalez