Hello Everyone,

WOW…Winter has flown by, Spring has come and now we are nearing the start of Summer! Hope you enjoy a recap of some things that have happened and things to come in our lives and ministry here in Germany.


EASTER SERVICE: Our church had its first Easter service as well as a sunrise service. We were blessed to have a few of our families show up at dawn to celebrate our Savior Jesus rising from the dead. Together over an open fire we sang songs to the Lord and got into the Word and reflected together on how awesome our God is. We also of course indulged in some coffee and cinnamon rolls someone made. Later that day we had our regular service and enjoyed a day together as a church bbqing in the backyard of our church building that we rent. It was a full day simply celebrating with our family in Christ and we couldn’t have asked for anything better.

CCK LADIES TEA: Thankful for how God put this together and how He blessed the ladies in our church. It was our first event like this but God used it to stretch us all and work out the kinks for future events like this. It was a blessing to see many of the ladies in the church work together to make this happen and through it we got to see God form our church family even more. We are thankful for Margie Stewart coming from Italy to share the word with the ladies and Holly Dingman coming from England to lead in worship.

SIEGEN CONFERENCE: In the beginning of May we attended the annual CC Siegen ministry workers conference for all of Germany and beyond. It was a pleasure once again to connect with the pastors that come from the States to minister to us all. We always enjoy our times with the Guziks and Lance Ralston from CC Oxnard. The thing we appreciate most about these two pastors and their wives is how much they show Suzie and I that they care about us, personally. Also this year we were blessed to take a couple of families from our church that are heavily involved in serving at CCK, as well as our two workers, Jesse and Emily. We were so thankful how God met each of us there and personally gave Suzie and I times of fellowship with friends we only see usually once or twice a year. Mostly we were blessed to hear how much the two families we brought loved the conference, and how God used it to increase their faith and vision for CCK. Seeing what God has done at CC Siegen encouraged them to believe that He can do the same thing here in the Kandern Valley. This was their first exposure beyond CCK to a Calvary Chapel in ministry in Europe. We hope this will be the first of many we can annually attend with families like this that serve in our church.

VISITORS: In the middle of May we had a week and a half of extra encouragement from our friends, Sam & Bethany Tallmon. Sam is the pastor of CC Sierra in California that also happens to be one of our supporting churches that adopted us a little over a year ago. God had laid it on their hearts to come out to Germany to encourage us, get to know people in our church we’ve planted and just enjoy hanging out. We can’t express to you enough what this does for missionaries when supporting churches make efforts like this…it’s priceless and means very much and is so encouraging. To be quite honest and I’m sure you’ve heard this before but often times missionaries feel forgotten and the “out of sight, out of mind” hits home to us. Not only are we in a foreign land dealing with things many do not understand but also spiritual warfare is intense on top of that. So needless to say, getting a bit of personal encouragement from those that support us does a body good both spiritually and physically.

CCK’S 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY: We can’t believe it ourselves but yep, it’s been a year already! God has done so much but we know He has so much more for our tiny new church in this coming year. We celebrated with a slideshow that our friend Jeff, who attends our church, put together. We dove into Acts 2:40-47 and encouraged our church that sticking to the basics puts us in the position for God to do a greater work in us and through us as a local church which is simply being devoted to learning and doing the word of God, fellowship and sharing the Christian life together, remembering what Jesus did for us on the cross by enjoying communion together, and meeting publicly to worship and pray as a body. Something our church enjoys is our potluck times and of course we had to end with a church BBQ with lots of meat and tasty treats! Also thankful to Ted & Caro from CC St.Gallen for coming down to be here for this day! So grateful to God for this opportunity to minister here in Germany and in this church He is building. God is truly using the foolish things of this world (us). Suzie and I are thankful for His grace and mercy that we need on a daily and minute-by-minute basis.


SUMMER SEASON: During the summer there is a different dynamic here than in other areas. It slows down a lot in some ways, as many of our families in our church will be gone for vacations, furloughs, etc. The month of July will be our slowest month and come August it begins to normalize again. On the flipside people from other parts of Germany come here for vacation because we live in the kind of area where we have forests, mountains, lakes near by and then there is France and Switzerland only 15mins away from us. But for CCK this will be a time where our services will be unplugged, we’ll pause Genesis until September, and do some purposeful more intimate times of gathering together, with whoever is around from the church and any visitors we may have. We also pray this summer will be a time that God uses to refresh Suzie and I a bit for this next busy season and things that God has for CCK in the Fall! 

LOSING BUT GAINING: This first year Calvary Kandertal has had many firsts and now we look forward to many more. God blessed us with an amazing help our first year here with some wonderful workers/co-laborers, with out whom, not as much could have happened as affectively. As we’ve previously mentioned a few of those who’ve been serving alongside us, will be moving on over the summer. We are so grateful for the team God has given us this last year as well as for the people in our church that have stepped up to serve! As we know all too well, change is hard, but through it we grow and learn. As we pray and seek the Lord, we look forward to new co-laborers that God desires to add to this ministry for this next season. We already see God’s plans unfolding and hearts He is stirring to serve here and can only pray for those likeminded people that God sends, would have hearts to serve the people of our church and our community.

MINISTRY TRIP: Beginning of August Suzie and Carrie (a lady from our church) will be going to observe a VBS in Holland for a few days. They will be helping where needed but mainly to see what they could implement in a VBS that CCK will host later in the Fall in our area. Carrie has a connection with a parachurch ministry that is hosting this VBS and were asked if they wanted to help and check it out. We pray this trip will be fruitful and fun for these two.

CC CONFERENCE: In the middle of August we will be attending the annual CC conference in Austria. This year they are doing it different where to register you have to pay first. This makes it more challenging on missionaries because we sign up in faith and usually many of us can’t pay until we get there. We were not even sure if we could go this year. We prayed asking the Lord if we should go and shortly afterward we got an email from someone who wanted to pay for and register us! So it looks like we’re going, praise God! We look forward to the Lord’s blessing on the time.

OCTOBER OUTREACH: We are in the planning stages for a team that will be coming out from a church in Colorado the second week of October. One of the families from our church connected us with one of their supporting churches back in the States that desired to serve in the ministry here so God began to put this together. We are planning a one day VBS for our community, Street evangelism in our city of Lorrach with some music/worship times, and a cooking class which will be a spin off to introducing people to our cooking club we hope to start this Fall. Again, we are in the planning stages but we need all the prayer we can get.


One of the things that I (Frank) spoke about during our anniversary service was the two-fold vision that we believe God has for CCK. It goes without saying that we want to reach the German people with the gospel, but we also believe that God sent us here to

Worship & Prayer Night Before We Break For Summer:Thankful for these prayer warriors in our church!
Worship & Prayer Night Before We Break For Summer:Thankful for these prayer warriors in our church!

encourage and equip the many missionaries serving here in different organizations in our community but who’ve also made CCK their home church. We believe that as we encourage and build them up, we will enable them to reach out to the locals of our community with the gospel more effectively. We’ve already seen this begin by God bringing families that have owned God’s vision for CCK and are actively participating to see it fulfilled in many ways, like inviting people to church and by using their spiritual gifts in the church. There are many things we are praying for and vision we believe God is giving us for this place, please keep praying!! WAIT, we’re not done yet… Below are some new praise & prayer, thanks for taking the time to read and pray!


A CAR OF OUR OWN: Thank you for praying for this!! We had another substantial donation from another church and are much closer to our goal of $5000. Please continue to pray for God to provide the remaining balance. We look forward to owning our own car again and are excited to have it at the end of June. Thank you again.

CALVARY CHAPEL KANDERTAL: We are thankful for our church family here and want to give credit where it is due, only by the Lord has this been done. We are grateful for the people He has entrusted to us to encourage, care for, love on, and feed His word to. It’s a privilege and we want to give all praise and honor to God.

SUSTAINING GRACE: We also want to give God praise for bringing new encouragers into our lives both here and abroad. We’ve prayed for some time now that God would bless us with new friends that are trustworthy as well as people who can truly be our encouragers and lift our hands up in good and bad times and we feel God is beginning to do that both in our area of Germany, in Europe and back in the States.

PROVISION: Praising God for how He has been providing for us by bringing in several new supports but we ask that you continue to pray for God to provide the remaining monthly income that we need.

Thank you again for faithfully taking the time to read our updates and for praying! We thank the Lord for the way that He uses those of you who support us through your finances and prayers. Thank you for being willing vessels for the Lord’s purposes and standing with us!

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