March-ing Along in Ministry

Hello Everyone,

We are continuing to stand in awe of all that God is doing in our ministry and lives, and are excited to share some highlights from the last couple of months, as well as some things to come in the next couple of months that you can pray for!


CC PASTORS & LEADERS’ CONFERENCE –MILLSTATT, AUSTRIA: Frank was thankful for the refreshing time away and to be able to seek the Lord together with other pastors and leaders. The theme for this year was, “Fit For The Master’s Use” 2 Timothy 2:21. Frank M., Tino & Jesse were able to accompany him this year, and the four of them had a blast getting to know each other more throughout the week as well as on the 14 plus hour round-trip drive it took to get there and back.

CCK HOME PRAYER GROUPS: In February we began our home prayer groups. Twice a month four different families are hosting these groups on Mondays, Tuesdays, & Wednesdays. Our heart and vision for these meetings is to provide opportunity for us to seek the Lord together for the various needs represented in our church and to pray for open doors to share the gospel in our communities and beyond. We anticipate awesome things to come from these times of prayer as a church body.

CCK MEN’S BREAKFAST: Our Church had its first men’s breakfast on Saturday Feb. 24th. There was a good turn out, even though some were not able to attend. We are going to begin having these monthly in order to give opportunity for the men in our church to be strengthened in their relationships in the Lord, with each other, through the word, fellowship, and some tasty food!

CCK LADIES TEA: On Saturday, April 21 our church will host its first ladies’ tea. We are currently in the planning phase and all is going well as Suzie has a great group of ladies helping with it all. The theme is, Growing In Christ. Margie Stewart from CC Padova, Italy will be sharing the word and we will have special music from Holly Dingman from CC Twickenham, England. God is putting this event together and we look forward to how He will use it to strengthen the women in our church and those they invite.

MINISTRY WORKERS NEEDED: Currently we have two fully dedicated workers serving alongside us, helping to carry the ministry load at CCK. But as the church continues to grow so do the workload and the need for more help. We have been especially blessed by the way that many of the families in our church have been stepping up to help with the various Sunday service needs, but like anywhere, most of the people in our church have full-time job commitments and are giving as much time as they are able. Our hope therefore is to gain additional help in order to continue to make a greater impact. Things like children’s ministry, youth, hospitality, community outreach, discipleship, evangelism and one on one relationship building are all areas that we could use help to grow and further develop. For this we are continuing to encourage involvement from church members, planning to bring on more single interns or workers, and are also praying for God to send us another couple who would be able to serve with us on a full-time open-ended basis. Specifically we are asking God to send one that is seasoned in ministry, and with experience in or a heart for missions, with a calling to assist in our church planting work, gifted in administration, leadership and in teaching. This is a tall order but one that God is able to fulfill if it is His will. We are able to provide visas if the help came from outside the E.U. so all we need are willing hearts.

HOW CCK IS MAKING A LOCAL IMPACT: One of the things that we are most excited to share about is the feedback that we have been getting from those who’ve made CCK their church home. Several of our members have made it a point to tell us that until they came to CCK they had not been able to find a church that fit for one reason or another. Some families had basically given up and chosen to stay home on Sundays, either getting into the word together or watching a service online. Each of them has expressed how much CCK has impacted them personally and how the Bible teaching and fellowship has ministered to their souls. We have seen this translate into action by the way so many of them have begun to serve, faithfully attend and tithe. We see our church continuing to grow in health and strength and believe that God is preparing us to begin reaching out to the lost in our surrounding villages and the city of Lorrach. There is also a refugee population here and we hope our church can some how be involved in that down the road. One of the unique aspects of our fellowship is the diversity of nationalities (American, Canadian, German, Swiss, Romanian, etc). Many of these are missionaries serving with the variety of organizations based in our town that are directly involved with, or oversee mission’s efforts throughout the world. As we build them up we are helping to strengthen and equip them to bear fruit not only in our community but also quite literally across the globe.



HOLLAND ANNIVERSARY TRIP: On January 26th we celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary… well kind of. Because Frank returned from the pastor’s conference only that night we didn’t actually celebrate for another week. This year God surprised us by making it possible to get away to Holland for a few days. He did this by providing through some wonderful people who blessed us specifically with this trip. While there the weather was incredible! We had an amazing time visiting with our friends Stan & Marnie, the wonderful De Haan family and attended CC Haarlemmermeer on a Sunday. Spending time like this with brothers and sisters in Christ like them is always a joyful and refreshing time! Thank you De Haan family for spoiling us so much while there!!!

WOMEN’S CBS STUDY: CBS (Community Bible Study) is a Christian ministry that brings women together from different churches to learn and grow in the word together with study material that goes through different books of the Bible. This is the same ministry that Suzie was part of and co-led with other ladies in Athens a few years ago. When she was invited to join in Kandern rececently she felt God leading her to take part in it again for another season. In total there are about 60 or so women that attend. We see it as another opportunity for some of the CCK ladies who participate to be an encouragement in their small groups and to grow in the Lord as they study God’s word together.

CAR NEED: Since moving here last April we’ve had a long-term car lease through one of the local ministries here. This has allowed us to have a relatively new and reliable car for our entire first year. Early on in our contract someone offered to cover our monthly car rent but were only able to pay for it through the end of February. Our lease is up in April and we cannot afford to renew the lease, nor do we really want to. Our desire is to own our own car again but money continues to be an issue. Time is of the essence as we need a reliable car to get around and are praying on God’s provision for this. Even though we’ve been a little stressed about this specifically in recent days we know God will work it out and truly trust Him with our best in mind.

THANK YOU: Thank you for reading our newsletter and taking part in this ministry with us. We pray that you are as excited as we are in how the Lord is moving in our church, our personal life and through this area of Germany. We are still amazed at all He has done in such a short period of time since we moved to Germany last April and are extremely humbled to take part in what He is doing! Below is our prayer needs, please take another 5 minutes to read and pray with us for us personally and for the needs of our ministry. Thanks!


CC KANDERTAL: Please continue to pray for our church that the Holy Spirit would lead us as we continue to seek God’s face for ways to reach out and be a light to those around us, for God to continue to strengthen those serving and leading ministries in our church and that He would give them encouragement throughout the week.

CCK HOME PRAYER GROUPS: As we meet twice a month as a church in four different homes, please pray for the hosting families and those attending to be filled and strengthened, that God would meet each person where they are at, that we would all be built up and encouraged, and lastly that God would speak and act.

CCK LADIES TEA IN APRIL: Please continue to pray for this event. Again, the theme is Growing in Christ, as it is Suzie’s heart that this will be a time to encourage and bring the women in our church together and those they invite that they are ministering to. Please pray for the planning committee, that God would lead them as they continue to plan. Also pray for the speaker, Margie Stewart from CC Padova, Italy and special music guest, Holly Dingman from CC Twickenham, England.

HELP & WORKERS NEEDED: As we mentioned above we are in need of more workers with hearts for this church planting ministry and everything that comes with it i.e. discipleship, youth, evangelism, outreach, relationship building, teaching, and working in wherever needed in the church, etc. Specifically we are praying for another experienced couple to come and serve full-time with us with servants hearts to assist, who are gifted according to the church needs, able to lead ministries and teach.

PROVISION FOR MINISTRY: We thank the Lord how He has developed a self-sustaining church thus far. We pray that He would continue to provide for all of the needs of the church as far as rent for our building, supplies for ministries, etc. Specifically we are hoping to acquire a more efficient and higher quality way of live streaming and video recording our services. To do this we will need the right audio and video devices.

PERSONAL PROVISION: As we mentioned in our newsletter we need a car. Our lease ends in April, we cannot afford nor desire to continue it and would prefer investing in own our own car finally. Life here requires a really reliable car so we need the money to buy one. Also, please continue to pray for God to provide for all of our basic needs and beyond. Specifically we’ve been praying for an overall increase in our monthly income/support to pay for food and bills and if possible tuck a little away in an actual savings.


If you are a church or an individual and would like to learn about partnering with us financially with either a one-time gift or regular monthly support you can visit our “Support” page or click here.

Thank you again for standing in the gap with us!

Grace & Love,

Frank & Suzie