Auf Wiedersehen 2017

Hello Everyone,

It’s hard to believe that it’s December already and we’ve already received our first snowfall! As we look back upon this year we stand amazed and thankful to the Lord

First snowfall...view from our home!
First snowfall…view from our home!

for the great blessing, grace and loving-kindness He has shown. It is very apparent to us that His hand is upon the work that He has called us to here in Kandern, Germany. Never could we have ever imagined all that God has done since moving us here in April. He has given us favor in planting the church, blessed its continued growth, and brought along likeminded individuals to join us in the work and be part of the CCK church family. We pray you enjoy this update on all God is continuing to do in our lives and ministry!


NOVEMBER OUTREACH: CC Downey brought a small team a couple weeks back. The first day we focused on community work in the town of Holzen (where our church meets for service). Previously, friends and the town leader made us aware of an elderly lady who was badly in need of yard work that she was incapable of doing on her own. So we spent that day trimming her hedges and cleaning up a large area that surrounded her street side of her property. She was so grateful afterward that she tried to pay us. To her surprise we refused payment (of course) telling her that it was a gift from the Lord. Needless to say she was blown away and very grateful. On another night we hosted a “Parents Night Out” with the team’s help. This entailed a night of free babysitting for the parents from our church that would free them up to have a date night without having to worry about finding someone to watch their children. We stuffed the kids with lots of junk food, watched the movie “Frozen” and made balloon animals! Lastly, we hosted our main outreach event on Saturday with a miniature wooden car race. During the event the kids (and adults) painted the cars, ate snacks, had their faces painted, and of course participated in a race competition. As the end of the day after the races were all over, and prizes were given out, the team shared about Jesus in correlation with running our race for Him. Even though we did not have the attendance we were hoping for, God blessed beyond our expectations in other ways. The way people in our church served as a family and stepped up to help, showed us that the Spirit of God is at work in our body, and that He is preparing us to reach the people in our community and beyond. They brought food, encouraged those who attended and gave up their Saturday to help in the freezing cold. It was a true joy to serve alongside such an amazing church family. In addition, the Downey team throughout their time here blessed our socks off with their servants’ hearts and loving attitudes. We are thankful for how God blessed our first outreach in some surprising ways and we look forward to the next outreach God opens the door to.


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CCK WORSHIP TEAM/MEDIA MINISTRY: When we first started the church 7 months ago we were using YouTube on a computer for worship. However, over the IMG_1103last couple of months God has been stirring different people from the church to step in and faithfully serve in our worship music, and sound/media ministries. Recently one of the brothers in the church took on the lead role and will be overseeing our worship team. We are so thankful that God has provided an actual living breathing worship team and for the men and women who have been so diligent to sacrificially give of their time and effort. Lastly, we praise God for providing for new equipment to record teachings! We will be putting all the teachings that are recorded on the CCK website soon.


CC KANDERTAL LIFE: We are extremely thankful for God’s grace, mercy and favor and how He has been moving in our church. Not only is the Lord adding families IMG_1153and individuals that share the vision that God has given us, but He is also stirring them to serve in much needed spiritual and practical ways. Over the last couple months more and more gaps have begun to be filled, from cleaning, to setting up the coffee area, to helping with sound, children’s ministry, slides for worship, etc. Each month the Lord has been providing for the churches expenses (rent, supplies, etc) through the people in the church body. This has also allowed us, as our church has been growing in numbers, to begin meeting in the bigger auditorium across the hall in the building we meet in. The blessing with this room is that it comes fully equipped with a soundboard, mics, etc. We are doing this all in faith trusting our awesome God to continue to provide for all of our needs as a church. We’re thankful for how faithful He is!!

“UPWARD” CCK YOUTH GROUP: Last Saturday was our first youth group meeting led by Jesse & Emily. They had a time of sharing about each other, Jesse shared the 24296791_920117181497200_7152602903585511770_nvision  of what the youth group will be about and then they played games and enjoyed getting to know each other a bit better. We were told afterward by parents and Jesse that it went extremely well, it was well received by the teens and that they looked forward to the next one. We can’t wait to see what God will do through this group of young people.

VISITING GUEST & THANKSGIVING: This past couple weeks we had our first visitor since moving here. Our friend and prayer warrior Cathy Jackson came to see us, and what God is doing here. It was a great blessing to have her with us, to enjoy her fellowship, show her around some of our local sites, and to have her at one of our church services. She was also able to join us for Thanksgiving as we celebrated it in Switzerland at our friend’s Ted and Carol Allen’s home (CC St. Gallen). We know she will be the first of many guests we will enjoy but we are so thankful for her and her heart to encourage us for the many years that we’ve been on the field.


CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICE: Since Christmas Eve is on a Sunday our church will have a special night service instead of our morning service. In Germany most families celebrate on Christmas Eve with a special dinner and family time and they always go to church before they eat dinner. Our hope is to provide an avenue to reach out to our German community. It will be a family service with Christmas carols, a special kids’ performance of the Nativity scene, a Christmas message and fellowship afterward with drinks and baked goods. Our hope is that God would reach hearts that don’t know Him! Looking forward to what God will do.

CCK CHURCH WEBSITE: The church website is now up and running. Please visit: to check it out and browse around. Thankful how God provided for this!

FAMILY LIFE: Life has been on fast pace but is beginning to slow down a bit. We recently finished our first German course A1 level and will begin our A2 level in the beginning of February. Thankfully we found out that Frank’s spousal visa allows him to go to any school that he wants to. With that we have chosen a school that will do 3, 3 hours classes per week, which is so much better than our previous 5 day per week and 4 hour per day (20 hours weekly) schedule that we had. With all that is going on right now, trying to get a church up and running, beginning to plan outreaches for 2018, studying German, studying for teachings, weekly meetings… there is not enough time in the day. Life on the foreign field is very different than when we lived in the States in various ways. We are always on and never off when it comes to ministry; but really as believers we should never be off anyways, right. Most of the time we want to be out and about meeting people, building relationships, and doing normal things we would do if you lived in the States. God uses these normal activities to open doors to share about Jesus and be His witnesses. This is what we try to do on a daily basis with God’s grace. We are enjoying getting to know our church family as we spend time together whether it’s at a dinner, at a home enjoying a game, at a high school basketball game , or in church meetings. We are thankful for the new friends God is giving us!

VISION FOR 2018: We believe God has birthed this church for a reason, to be a light and make an impact for Jesus in our community and surrounding region. Our location in Germany is key as we border both France and Switzerland. We desire to be a light wherever God leads and are praying for ways to connect both near and far. As 2018 rolls around we desire to begin reaching out as a church to our neighboring towns, villages and our city of Lorrach, that is only 15 mins away. Please pray as we begin praying as a body for God’s vision for this area and how he wants to use CC Kandertal to make disciples for Jesus.

We are so excited for this coming year and all God wants to do. Please pray along with us and read below as we share some prayer needs for the church and us personally.


REACHING OUT: Please pray as God gives us opportunity to be witnesses in our neighborhood, German class, and in our community and city. Also, that the Lord would open doors for the gospel to be shared.

GERMAN CLASS: Thank you for your prayers for this. We are finished with our first level and will begin the next one in February. Please continue to pray for us to learn German.

HEALTH: Good health over us both and for the church body to remain healthy as cold and flu season is upon us and unfortunately things get passed around easily.

CC KANDERTAL: We are thankful for this growing church body that God has entrusted to us. Praying for: The Holy Spirit to continue to guide, bless and fill; Pray for those leading ministries in our church; lastly please pray for the Lord’s continued favor as we minister to those attending CCK but also favor for the church body as we begin reaching out into the communities around us.

SPECIAL CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICE: Please pray for this time as we begin handing out flyers and advertising for this event. We pray many families will attend from our surrounding area and that those that don’t know Jesus will hopefully meet Him in their hearts on this night.

CCK VISION: That God would lead us by His Spirit; give clear vision and directions for the church in the year to come. Praying now for our next steps in reaching our community, city and beyond!

CCK WEBSITE: The website is up and ready, please pray as God uses it to spread His word and for His glory.

MINISTRY PROVISIONS: PRAISE: Thank you Lord for providing a worship leader as a brother has recently stepped into that role, That God is also bringing others that are interested in joining our growing worship team, Praise God for providing through the people in the church for the bigger room as CCK grows, Lastly blessed by God’s provision for equipment that will help us record the teaching and put it on the website! PRAYER: Continue to pray for monthly finances for the building and rooms we are renting every Sunday for church, For more translators so Frank Moll can have breaks from translating and can just sit and enjoy; For more children’s ministry workers & general help in other areas on Sunday mornings.

PERSONAL PROVISIONS: PRAISE: So blessed how we have been provided for in some amazing ways; Found a new doctor for Suzie. PRAYER: Although we have been receiving some unexpected sizable financial gifts, we are still in need of an increase of consistent monthly financial support; Please also pray for the provision needed for our next set of German classes next year and Lastly, wisdom and decisions we need to make on our long-term car rental/lease and for God to provide a car to actually own.

Thank you again for faithfully taking the time to read our updates and praying for our needs! We thank the Lord how He uses those of you who support us through your finances and prayers. Thank you for being willing vessels for the Lord’s purposes and standing with us!

If you are a church or an individual and would like to learn about partnering with us financially with either a one-time gift or regular monthly support you can visit our “Support” page or click here.

We pray your Christmas is a blessed one as we all celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Much Love,  Frank & Suzie