Hello Everyone,

It’s been a busy couple months and the busyness continues. Starting the church a few months ago has left us very little time for other things like finally moving into our permanent apartment a couple weeks ago. In this update we’re going to share on a few things that have happened and some things ahead in these next couple months… and here we go…


CASS FAMILY VISIT: Good friends of ours that we have known for many years, Jeff & Karin Cass, came to visit at the end of July. Not only did they come but also they brought along 4 of their 5 children. Along with their visit came their 21-year-old daughter Emily, who is now serving with us. We were very blessed to have them all with us for an entire week of fun and fellowship.

TEACHING AT ST. GALLEN IN JULY: In the middle of July Frank had the privilege to teach for our friend Ted at CC St. Gallen in Switzerland while he was away. We are so thankful for this body of believers and the encouragement they’ve been as we’ve begun CC Kandertal. It’s a true blessing to be this close to other Calvary Chapels because it enables us to encourage one another.

NETHERLANDS ROAD TRIP: It was a long time coming to visit our friends Stan & Marnie, Stan who pastor’s CC Haarlemmermeer. After many years of trying we finally made it to see them and the De Haan family who attend the church as well. God blessed it with some rich fellowship, a little site seeing with Stan & Marnie and ended it with getting the pleasure of teaching on Sunday morning. Thankful to be living so much closer to CC family in western Europe.

FIRST PUBLIC SERVICE IN THE NEW BUILDING: On Sunday July 30th we met for the first time in our new public meeting facility. During this time we not only had our regulars but 50 extra people from an English camp in the area that asked to attend our church. As we do not have a permanent worship leader yet we were grateful to have someone from CC Freiburg come out to lead us in worship, what a blessing indeed! After service we enjoyed a church picnic in a park behind our new church building. Each week we rent the rooms we need for our main service and children’s ministry. Thankful for all God is already doing!

NEW HOME: On July 31 we FINALLY successfully moved into our new permanent apartment! We were thankful to have the help of our dear friends and their kids that were here visiting from the States, the Cass family, as well as our good friend Frank Moll who drove the truck and helped with the heavy lifting. We are blessed with this place and how God has provided furniture in abundance from different people. A bonus is that most of the furniture was given to us for free and many things almost new.

NEW CO-LABORERS: During the madness of summer our two new co-laborers arrived safe and sound. Emily Cass who arrived first with her family as mentioned above, will be concentrating on children’s ministry primarily as this is where she

First of many team breakfasts...
First of many team breakfasts…

feels led to serve. She will be putting lessons together, teaching most of the time and beginning to brainstorm with us on how the children’s ministry will look for the future. Jesse Corey who arrived shortly after her will be wearing many hats in the beginning but primarily focusing on our media ministry and youth. He has a heart to teach the word and as things develop he will have opportunity to minister to the many youth in our area and those coming to the church. It has been a true joy to have them part of this ministry and serving along side us. We’ve made one day a week where we get in the word together as a team, discuss ministry things and enjoy a meal together. God has and is truly knitting our hearts with one another. We are so grateful to the Lord as He brings like-minded individuals to our ministry team and to our church. Blessed beyond measure!

DRIVERS LICENSES: We are pleased to report we’ve received our German drivers licenses! It was quite easy as the state (Arizona) we have our driver’s licenses in has full reciprocity with Germany. Which means all we had to do was go down and “trade” ours for theirs with little money to pay. It was amazing the favor God gave us because they could have made it harder if they wanted (more paper work) depending on the area of Germany. Thankful.

CHURCH WEBSITE: We are pleased to announce after our last prayer requests that

CC Kandertal Logo (type 1)
CC Kandertal Logo (type 1)

we posted on our newsletter, someone contacted us that owns his/her own web design company and offered to host and design our site for free for a whole year! God is so good in how He provides through such giving saints!! Needless to say it’s a huge expense God already knew we needed. We are now in the process of putting it up. We will let you know when it’s ready to be launched. In addition we have a new church logo that was labored over by a couple of different friends from Europe and the States. Blessed how God is moving and providing in His timing for this ministry.

CC MISSIONS CONFERENCE: We ended this summer with a bang. Every year is amazing but it seems to just get better and better. The teaching was such a blessing as was the fellowship. God allowed for many personal one ones with many we are close to from all over Europe, as well as some sweet times of prayer with those individuals. We were also thankful to get to know even better some families that are serving in Germany. Every year we sign up in faith and we are thankful God provided for us to go once again!


TEACHING AT CC FREIBURG SEPTEMBER 10: Frank G. will be teaching at CC Freiburg, which is about 45 min. from us. He was asked to share the word as well as share about CC Kandertal and what God is doing in our area. Their leadership desires the body at CC Freiburg to learn more about the new church in order to promote greater involvement on their end. Our desire as CC’s in this area is to work together in unity and be a help to each other wherever we can be. We are blessed by Sam & Alex, the pastors of CC Freiburg and their hearts to encourage and help us in anyway they can. They have been such an encouragement to us since we’ve moved here. In my absence from CC Kandertal, my friend Ted (CC St.Gallen, Switzerland) will be teaching for me on that Sunday. Thankful for the body of Christ here!!

GERMAN CLASSES: We begin our German class on Monday, September 11th. Our classes will be Monday-Friday, 4 hours a day. Oh and did we mention it’s all in German, no English! This first level will last 8 weeks. We need God’s grace and favor!

NOVEMBER OUTREACH: We are blessed to have a small team from CC Downey joining us in our ministry from November 15th-20th. They will be helping our church and ministry in practical ways, i.e. service projects in our surrounding communities and doing a children’s fun night for the community. Thankful for the leaders at CC Downey and their hearts to travel to Germany to encourage our ministry and us and in the work God has called us to. We are all excited to see what God will do.

Stick around, not done yet. Below is our prayer and praise all rolled into one. Please take the time to read how you can now pray and get involved more. Your prayers are important and vital to our lives and ministry. Thanks for standing in the gap!


GERMAN DRIVER’S LICENSES: Thankful to the Lord for receiving our German driver’s licenses a few weeks ago! God is GOOD and thankful it didn’t cost much at all!

NEW HOME: Praising God for our new permanent flat we finally moved into and the ease God made it with the wonderful hands and feet of friends to help move. We are also thankful for the many pieces of furniture supplied to us for free by so many wonderful brothers and sisters in the Lord. Pray God uses our new little one bedroom home for a place of fellowship and prayer and for His glory!

NEW CO-LABORERS: Praising the Lord for our new workers, Emily Cass & Jesse Corey. Thankful He has brought alongside two dynamite and gifted young people to lift our hands up to do the work He has called us all to. Please pray for God to provide for all of their needs as they serve primarily the children’s ministry, youth, and media areas.

JESSE’S VISA: Now that our church, CC Kandertal, is legally able to invite and sponsor people that will serve with us we ask that you please pray for our first visa applicant, Jesse Corey. Pray for God’s favor for his whole application process from start to finish and that our church and Jesse would have favor with the German government.

NEW CHURCH WEBSITE: Thankful how God has provided through a person in the Lord who owns their own web design company, to do hosting for a year and designing for free! Please also pray for all of the work that needs to go into this on our and the designers end. It will be up and running soon!

CC KANDERTAL: Continued prayers for unity within the church and with our co-laborers; That we would be a body that exemplifies the love of Christ and reaches out to our communities; That we would be a body that serves one another and participates in the different needs of the church; For Frank G. as he pastors and for Frank M. as he translates; Lastly that we would all have a growing hunger for and knowledge of God’s word!

TEACHING AT CC FREIBURG: Frank G. will be teaching at CC Freiburg on Sunday, September 10. Pray for a fruitful time with the body of Christ there. Also pray for our friend Ted (pastor of CC St.Gallen) as he shares the word at our church in Frank’s absence.

GERMAN CLASS: We begin our classes Sept. 11. Please pray for strength/ stamina as they are Monday-Friday/ 4 hours a day and complete emersion. Please pray for God’s grace, mercy and anointing to learn this language!

NOVEMBER OUTREACH: CC Downey will be bringing a team from November 15th-20th. Please pray for this team as they prep for their trip to Germany; For their travel; As they minister to those in our church and community; For us as we begin prepping for them to come and for the planning; And for God to bless as we all serve the Lord together and for His will to be done.

HEALTH: Pray for a new Endocrinologist (Glands Specialist) for Suzie. As many of you know she has Hoshimotos Disease and hypothyroidism. She needs new blood work every three months to keep an eye on her levels and her cysts she has in her thyroid. We need to find a new doctor to replace the one in Athens she was getting her care and medicine from. Unfortunately this decease sometimes leaves her physically fatigued and hurting so please pray for strength and healing for her and that the devil would not try to use this to discourage her.

MINISTRY PROVISIONS: Please pray for: A permanent worship leader; Monthly finances for the new building and rooms we are renting every Sunday for church, For more translators so Frank Moll can have breaks some times; For more children’s ministry workers & general help in other areas on Sunday mornings; & lastly Equipment for recording the messages in audio and video.

PERSONAL PROVISIONS: Please pray for: Provision for the entire German language course (6months) as it is close to €2,400 ($2,800) for us both; Our regular monthly financial needs i.e. rent, health insurance, gas, food, etc.; New laptop as ours keeps dumping out on us and needless to say we need this for many reason not only for Frank to study on for Sundays; Lastly, since getting rid of most of our possessions in Greece we’ve had to start over which includes the need for a car. Thus far we have been “leasing” a car that someone has been blessing us with and paying the monthly fee for. Our desire is to not do this more than a year. We need a car to get around and can’t do much without one. Please pray for a reliable/economical car of our own and the money to buy one.

Thank you again for being faithful and taking the time to read our update and praying for our needs! God has shown us time and time again He provides and will never leave us nor forsake us. We thank the Lord how He uses each of you and other amazing ways for the purpose of providing for our every need both physically and spiritually. Thank you for being willing vessels for the Lord’s purposes and standing with us!


If you are a church or an individual and would like to learn about partnering with us financially with either a one-time gift or regular monthly support you can visit our “Support” page or click here.

Thank you again for standing in the gap with us!

Much Love, Frank & Suzie