Dear Saints,

Much has happened since writing last. God has been teaching us and blessing us and we’ve also enjoyed learning much about our new country of residence. Please enjoy this latest update on our ministry and family life in Germany! 


CC KANDERTAL: These last few months have proved to be very fruitful. We’ve seen the Lord begin to form our core group and lay the foundation for the church. Sunday mornings have not only provided us an opportunity to share the word of God with those who’ve been attending but to also enjoy fellowship together. On different occasions, we’ve been able to spend additional time together with several of them, either in one on one setting or during special fellowship gatherings. All of this has allowed us to build relationships and get to know the personal stories of many of those we’ve been ministering to. Now that the summer months are here, we’re seeing a bit of fluidity in our attendees. People are heading out on vacation, the missionaries who attend have returned to their home countries for a few weeks, and we ourselves are missing a couple of Sundays here and there because Frank G and Frank M are covering for a CC pastor in Switzerland. We also recently had a visit from Bil Gallatin (CC Finger Lakes) & Peter Will (CC Hanover). They’ve been encouraging different CC’s and friends in the area and stayed with friends that come to our church, Tino & Pat in Basel, Switzerland. We had a nice time getting to know them more and sharing about what God is doing in Kandern. All that to say just like any new church …it’s got its slow moments but is blessed and steady.



CHURCH REGISTRATION & AFFILIATION: Currently we are in process to both legally register the church and to officially affiliate with Calvary Chapel. On July 17th we meet with a notary and our core members in order to sign the official documents for the registration with the government. Excited for all God wants to do in and through CC Kandertal.

NEW CHURCH FACILITY & SPECIAL SUNDAY SERVICE: On Sunday, July 30th we will begin meeting in the public facility for the first time. We talked about this location in our last newsletter update. We got a good deal for a smaller room in the facility that we would be using for now. As we grow we will eventually transfer into the larger auditorium. This new place will allow people attending our church to feel free to invite others without the worry of space. Also, on our first Sunday in our new place, our church will be hosting a sizable group from an English camp being held nearby. The camp organizers asked permission to attend our church service and of course, we said yes. So in addition to our regulars, we’ll have 50 plus people, both teens, and adults attending on July 30th. After service, we will have a picnic with different sport games! The timing for all of this seemed like a natural open door to minister to those attending from the English camp and to begin meeting publically.


NEW HOME: Praise God, after 4 months of living in other people’s homes we found our own apartment! The neat “God thing” is that it’s right across the street from where we are staying currently. We’ve gotten so used to this neighborhood and the neighbors that we were hoping to find something close by… can’t get much closer than across the street! Also thankful it meets our budget and most of our desires as far as an apartment goes. Our new landlady is an older widow and seems quite nice and friendly. God gave us so much favor with her that she actually picked us before we even said yes. Praying for much fruit and joy in this new place! We move in July 29th!

GERMAN LANGUAGE SCHOOL: We are both officially registered for language school starting September 11th. Those who recommended this school said that they were speaking German in 6 months. We hope and pray for that for us too! We will take it a module (one month) at a time as we can afford it.

A LITTLE FUN: On July 4th we visited our friends and fellow CC missionaries, Edmund & Martha Cornel, serving in Herborn, Germany. We enjoyed celebrating the 4th together, had some wonderful fellowship, and Frank taught at CC Herborn for their mid-week. Thankful to live in a country where we have such easy access to fellowship!



FRIENDS COMING TO VISIT: We are looking forward to some very good friends coming to visit the last week in July, the Cass family. They will be visiting family that lives about two hours away from us. We have known Jeff & Karin since before they had their 5 kids. Now their oldest, Emily, who is 20, will be one of our first interns arriving. The neat thing is that Karin is also a German citizen and passed down her citizenship to her children. Emily her daughter has a growing heart for Germany and desires to serve here. Blessed how God puts things together.

CC MISSIONS CONFERENCE IN AUSTRIA: August 13-19 we’ll be attending our annual missions conference. Every year we sign up in faith, hoping to attend and we are blessed God has provided for us to go once again. It’s a time of fellowship with people we see maybe once a year as well as a time to get refreshed with amazing teaching! This year we will be taking some of our new workers as well, so we anticipate a nice time as usual.

THANK YOU NOTE: Thank you again for always being so faithful to stand with us no matter where we are in this ministry world! We have been so blessed by your continued love and encouragement through your support and prayer. God has used you to help keep us on the mission field, so thank you for co-laboring with us over the years! Please never hesitate to email us to say hi or send us your prayer requests, we’d love to hear from you! Now it’s time for some more prayer, check out our prayer needs below and thank you again for standing with us!!


CHURCH AFFILIATING AND REGISTERING: We are now in process for both affiliating our church with Calvary Chapel and registering our church with the German government. Also on July 17, we have our date to meet with the notary to officiate the registration with core members of the church to then send it in for finalization. Please pray for both of these things to be finalized soon.

CC KANDERTAL: Pray that the Lord binds the enemy as we meet each Sunday for church; For God to continue to build a faithful core group and to raise up those “pillars” in the church that are needed; For Christ to unite the hearts of those attending and that we would truly be a family; That we would be a praying church; For all that attend to use the gifts that God has given them effectively; For Frank G. as he pastors this church and for Frank M. as he translates and serves with him; And lastly for the Holy Spirits leading!

NEW CHURCH FACILITY: Thankful God provided for a public place to meet starting July 30th and pray God would continue to provide for the costs of this place.

SPECIAL SERVICE AND CHURCH PICNIC: On July 30th when we move into the new church facility we will be hosting an English camp that desires to come to our church that Sunday. This will add 50 plus extra people (teens and adults) to our normal group but also it gives the opportunity to reach out and minister to new people. Please pray for all God desires to do!

INTERNS/WORKERS: Please pray for the interns and workers who have committed to coming starting this month, that God would provide their financial support and visas for those who need them.

MORE WORKERS NEEDED: Even though we have a few people coming to serve with us we are still asking the Lord to send long term workers to help. Pray for God to raise up others (families or singles) to join us in planting this church. We specifically need help in the areas of worship, children’s ministry, and to come alongside to help in every way.

NEW HOME: Praise God He has provided for an apartment! We move into our new place, July 29th. Please pray for the move, our new landlady that we have already begun building a relationship with, all of our neighbors that we could get to know each of them more and share Christ with those that do not know Him and for this home to be used for God’s glory!

GUEST TEACHING, JULY 16: Frank will be covering for our friend Ted Allen the pastor at CC St. Gallen in Switzerland, this coming Sunday. Please pray that we would have a blessed time together with the saints there and that God would guide Frank’s heart as he shares His word.

CC MISSIONS CONFERENCE, AUGUST 13-19: Please pray for this time as we attend our annual conference in Austria. We will be traveling by car with a couple of our new workers and anticipate a wonderful time of fellowship and teaching at this year’s conference!

GERMAN CLASSES: We have officially registered for classes and begin September 11th. Frank has to go to school this first year for his type of visa but we both for obvious reasons desire to learn German. We pay month to month but even though it’s discounted it’s still a nice chunk of money so please pray for continued provision for this but thankfully we do have the money to begin.

REMINDER OF NEW MISSIONS SENDING AGENCY: Just a reminder of the new way to give. We are so thankful for GO Ministries (A Calvary Chapel Ministry). Please pray God’s blessing on this new ministry relationship and for God to use it for His glory!

PRAISE & PROVISION:  Our last newsletter we prayed for God to provide above and beyond and HE has been doing that both financially and physically. Logically and on paper, we do not make close to enough to cover our expenses each month but God has and continues to faithfully provide each month! With that… KEEP THOSE PRAYERS COMING, we need them! We continually have big needs both in our personal lives and ministry and that is one in the same right now, so please continue to ask God to provide for everything mentioned above! God ALWAYS answers prayer!


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Thank you again for standing in the gap with us!

Much Love, Frank & Suzie