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Hello Everyone,

It’s hard to believe but our time in the U.S. is swiftly coming to its end tomorrow (April 4). We will be boarding our plane in the afternoon to return to our new home in Germany and into the new season of life that God is calling us to. The nearly two months that we have been stateside have been filled to the brim with opportunities to share about our ministry, take care of medical and dental needs and to fellowship with friends and family. Although our time here has been far from physically restful due to our busy schedule, it has been very encouraging, fruitful and refreshing. We thank the Lord for His faithfulness at ever point and for all those He used to bless us!


Yesterday morning we received some unexpected bad news from our friends Frank and Melanie, the couple who will be planting the church with us. Their son Michael’s wife Hanna had a mini stroke on Saturday and subsequently discovered that she had a brain tumor. Michael and Hannah live in Florida, are only in their early twenties and just got married in December. Surgery has been scheduled for today or tomorrow to remove the tumor that we just learned today is benign. Frank is flying to Florida today to be with his son and daughter-in-law and Melanie and their two daughters will follow later this week. Please remember this dear family in your prayers as they face this unimaginable situation!


Our first steps once we land in Germany will be practical in nature… finding and setting up our new home, filing for residency, transferring drivers’ licenses, getting to know the lay of the land more and prayerfully thinking through how to begin the church and ministry.

Our housing situation will be somewhat of a circus for our first few months but we hope to settle into something more long-term by July. Initially we will be staying at Frank and Melanie’s while they are stateside but then will be sub-letting from a missionary going on furlough from the end of April through June. There is a longer-term furnished rental we are currently looking into that seems to be right for us. We’ll know more once we’re back on the ground. Please join us in prayer as we ask the Lord to guide us to the right house.


We are so thankful and praise the Lord for how He provided for our entire furlough in every way!

SHARING & FELLOWSHIP: We had an overwhelming amount of fellowship as well as many opportunities to share about our ministry, not only with our supporting churches but several new ones that we have been building relationships. We were blessed to tell about all that the Lord did in Athens as well as what He is leading us into in the season to come in Germany.

Breakfast with our buddies the Garsts :)
Breakfast with our buddies the Garsts 🙂

HOME AWAY FROM HOME: Secondly God provided a place to call home while we were stateside through our amazing long time friends, Frank & Shannon Garst. Their house served as a base for us as we traveled off and on during our furlough, and they made us feel at home each time we returned from a trip. We are truly grateful for their hospitality and for the added bonus of spending lots of time together with them!

FURLOUGH CAR: Lastly, God provided not only a car for our entire furlough (from someone whom we cannot mention) but also for our gas. As you know we did a lot of traveling this time around but someone (whom we cannot mention) blessed us with a gas card to cover all of our fuel expenses. God is good and we trust He will continue to provide for every other need we have coming up too!! He is faithful!!


MICHAEL & HANNAH MOLL: Please pray for Hannah’s healing, that the surgeons would be able to remove the entire tumor from her brain and that they’d discover what the root problem is. Pray also for both Michael’s and Hannah’s families as they face this trial together. Michael and Hannah are the son and daughter-in-law of Frank and Melanie, the couple who is planting the new church in Kandern with us.

NEW LIFE SET UP: Please pray for the practical things we need to work through once we land… long-term housing (an affordable furnished apartment in the right location), filing for residency, drivers license transfers (transferring our U.S. licenses to Germany). Both the drivers’ licenses and residency for Frank should be fairly straight forward and easy BUT dealing with bureaucrats in any shape can be filled with unexpected twists and turns.

MINISTRY BEGINNINGS: Please pray that God would give us wisdom to make good decisions, that He would open the doors that He wants us to walk through and shut those He does not, and growing vision on how to effectively minister to our community and beyond.

PROVISION: Please pray for God to provide for the various big expenses that we are facing from this move and for our regular monthly financial support to cover our needs. He is faithful and able!

HEALTH: Please pray for our health as we adjust to a new climate, and for strength for Suzie to face her ongoing back and feet issues. Although she is doing better than ever, there are daily struggles she faces and will continue to do so for the rest of her life.


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Please enjoy the slideshow with pics of the last month…

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Thank you again for standing in the gap with us!

Much Love, 

Frank & Suzie

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