Goodbye Greece, Hello Germany…

Dear Prayer Partners,

Thank you for standing with us through this transition process. We have been blessed this last month to witness God doing a continued work in Athens with the people in the church and with those that we are leaving behind. Here are some things to pray for in the coming weeks and a brief update on our dental outreach, ladies tea and a few other things. As you might have noticed we changed our newsletter site format. Some of the content has changed a bit with more changes to come in the future. Please browse around when you have a free minute…


DENTAL WEEK: We are so grateful how God blessed this time! Not only did we give dental care to those in our church but to many refugees from camps near and far. At the end of the week with extractions, fillings, cleanings and lots of prayer…we saw 207 patients! It was so amazing to work with such an awesome team. Thank you to our dental team, Inga-Lill Guzik, Peggy Ball, Kathy Adams, Aan-Sofie Guzik and Helaina Vistnes. Thank you for your faithfulness to love on the people in our church and to those you cared and prayed for! Suzie, Arno, Sahar and I were overjoyed how God moved and blessed!

WOMEN’S TEA: Last Sunday we put on a tea for the ladies in our church before service. Peggy, Inga-Lill, & Kathy loved on our ladies through the word and conversation. We also had CC Costa Mesa’s sowing ministry bless us with hand made bags, scarves and hats for the ladies which were also stuffed with goodies, ladies from (CC Santa Barbara, CC Stone Mountain, CC Kaiserslautern) wrote personal encouragement letters to our ladies in the church and to top it off Aan-Sofie gave lotions and cream products from her company (Lush) to spoil the ladies a bit. We enjoyed sweet worship from our friend Marta (a missionary serving here in Athens that attends our church), delicious food from Sahar’s dad’s restaurant and cupcakes with our tea. We are grateful how God provided for this event and the generosity from these churches represented. God is good!!

PASTOR’S CONFERENCE: Frank, Arno & Sean (CC Church plant, Crete, Greece) enjoyed their time away in Millstatt, Austria at the CC conference center there. The theme was Pressing Toward The Goal. Frank was sick for most of the conference, but began to feel a bit better just in time to teach the devotion on Thursday morning. He was grateful God kept him from coughing the whole time and gave him enough mental clarity to share what the Lord had given him. Thankful that God gave them a refreshing time of fellowship and in the Word all week.

CC HELLAS: The six years we’ve been here we’ve operated under the ministry name, CC Hellas, that simply means, Calvary Chapel Greece. It’s been a way that people have found us on the Internet and others would know there is a CC being planted and or CC missionaries working in Greece. It’s been an amazing tool God has used to meet so many different people throughout our time here and has connected us with some amazing people by a simple ministry name, website and Facebook page. Because it has had so many followers on FB and people know the name and knowing we are leaving we didn’t want this useful tool to go to waste. So we officially have handed the name, website and FB page over to our friends and fellow CC missionaries/Church planters, Sean & Jackie Coleman on Crete. They will do some changes to it and make it their own and connect it to the church on Crete. Thankful and pray it continues to be used for Him!

SAYING GOODBYE: After a busy month of packing up our home, making final arrangements for moving our things and wrapping up ministry in Athens, we are ready to move forward into this new season of ministry in Germany. Sunday January 29th was our last service with our church family. At the end of the service we were sent off in an extremely memorable way. Arno & Sahar and many others laid hands on and prayed over us, blessed us with a very creative and thoughtful gift with pictures from this last year and a half of ministry and personal notes from many of the congregants, and threw a little going away party. The entire experience was completely overwhelming and deeply emotional. It was such an amazing and humbling experience to be sent out like this by the church body that God used us to plant and that Frank co-pastored from its birth. Even though we know we’ll always be a part of this body and will visit on occasion, we are leaving a large part of our hearts with them. God has truly blessed this last month in Athens and we can say with joy that we have left with hearts that are blessed!


ARRIVED IN GERMANY: We officially departed Greece for Germany on Friday February 3 after months of prayer and planning. After a smooth flight our friend Frank Moll picked us up in Zurich, Switzerland (only an hour from Kandern, Germany where we are now living) and drove us back to his place where we will be staying until we leave for furlough in the U.S. During our short stay we will be taking care of some practical things and getting together with a few people that we need to meet with. We leave for the States on Wednesday.

FURLOUGH FEBRUARY 8-APRIL 4: The focus of this upcoming furlough will be to rest, share about the last year and a half of ministry in Athens, the Persian church we planted and the future church in Kandern.

LEAVING WITH JOY: We leave a church we didn’t expect to plant here in Athens and that has been such a blessing and a complete joy. People have asked us if it’s an official Calvary Chapel, and the answer is no. Though it has the Calvary DNA because of the influence we were blessed to leave, it remains a non-denominational church that we have chosen to keep general. Arno & Sahar have enjoyed getting to know our CC church family from all over the place, love Calvary, will continue to fellowship with those they have met and know they will continue to co-labor with the CC family in general. We shall see what the future holds for our church in Athens but God did and is doing an amazing work that we were blessed to be part of. We plan to continue to be a support for this ministry and church in the future.


CHURCH & MINISTRY IN GREECE: Please continue to pray for the church in Athens that we leave behind and the people we love so dearly. We are grateful for Arno and Sahar and trust God will continue to lead and direct them as Arno pastors and Sahar translates. We have been so blessed to serve with them and count them as family and look forward to all God will do and can’t wait to take part in the future. Also pray for Sean & Jackie Coleman and the church they are planting on Crete. God is indeed doing a work there. We want to continue to ask for God to build the church there and to encourage our likeminded friends as they takeover the CC Hellas ministry!

NEW BEGINNINGS IN GERMANY: This new season of church planting is going to be an exciting adventure and step of faith that we are looking forward to. We are considering naming the church Calvary Kandertal because it represents the Kandern valley that covers all of the small towns and city that we will be central to. Please pray for God to continue to put all the pieces together as we move forward step by step, for the families that want to begin with us and for those that are praying to join us as co-laborers.

FURLOUGH FEBRUARY 8-APRIL 4: Please pray for the time we have in the States, our calendar is getting full and it’s going to be another busy time. Pray for times of rest, sharing about the work in Athens and the new work and church in Germany and anything else God desires to put in our path. We also pray for those divine appointments and times God would use us to encourage and build up our fellow believers. Lastly, that God would speak to us and fill us up to overflowing!!

NEED FOR FURLOUGH CAR: God has not provided for this yet but we know He will. Time is getting close to our furlough and we are still human so yes there is a little stress involved. We are planning our furlough out, I.E. where we will go and traveling and it’s all in faith that God will provide a car to borrow. If you have an extra car to loan, know someone who does or wants to help, please contact us as this is a way to help. Again, this is one of the biggest needs for missionaries on furlough and it for sure takes a lot of sacrifice for people giving this but every furlough we have had people give of their cars so we know God will do it again. Please know it’s appreciated, as we understand the sacrifice of a car. If you’re desiring to help, please email us:

PROVISION FOR FURLOUGH: Every furlough we buy things we are in need of, i.e. clothes, orthotics for Suzie, Dr. appointments, and electronic needs, etc. Along with these normal things, this time around we really need a new laptop and iPad. Our electronics have slowly been dying and taking dips in their workability and Frank’s ipad is something he uses to teach with and use for ministry so needless to say this is a need that we can’t ignore any longer.

We want to thank you all for taking the time to read and pray with us on these things. Co-laboring with us with your prayers and support mean so much! We are grateful for your obedience to the Lord as you support the work God has called us to.

SUPPORT INFO: If you are a church or an individual and would like to learn about partnering with us financially with either a one time gift or regular monthly support you can visit our “Becoming A Sender” page or click here.

Thank you again for standing in the gap with us!

Much Love, Frank & Suzie

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