Hello Prayer Partners,

Here’s the latest on the ministry in Athens. Some new things are around the corner in the coming months, so stayed tuned for our next update in the beginning of November. But until then enjoy the read and please remember us in your prayers…

CCBC MALTA/GREECE TEACHING SITE: The class I have been teaching has ended after a two-week intensive course through 1 & 2 Corinthians. We have an amazing group of students that Suzie and I are enjoying getting to know more. They’ve been a huge blessing to our ministry by serving the children in the morning and afternoon services. They not only serve but also engage the people at the Persian Church with open arms; it’s really a joy to see this kind of servant hood from young people. One of the young Iranian men from our church joined my class and the students have welcomed him with open arms and have been spending a lot of time with him during the week, which has been a blessing to see. We’ve also been grateful to have our intern; Jesse Corey, who has been instrumental during this time, both in our ministry, as well as helping the director, Tom and his wife Cheryl manage the students. Now that my class is done Suzie and I will continue meeting with the students both in groups and one on one to minister to them any way we can until they leave in the beginning of November. We are very thankful for this season.

VISITORS: In this month we will have a couple houseguests off and on. One specific visitor is our friend Patrick Higgins, pastor of City Light in Bratislava. He will be ministering alongside us for 5 days, October 13-18 and I have also asked him to teach a Sunday while he’s here.

OUTREACHES: First off, we have planned an outreach with 6 of the CCBC Bible College students to the island of Crete, Greece on October 17-20, to minister with our friends and CC missionaries, Sean & Jackie Colman that are church planting on Crete. God is already starting to put things together on both ends! The second outreach will be a medical outreach from October 10-14 that is hosted by our friend Sahar’s medical ministry, CMC. A year ago we connected CC Kaiserslautern in Germany with her medical ministry here in Athens. Since connecting them, Geoff Ankeny, a doctor who attends CC Kaiserslautern, has come to Athens and has done two outreaches with Sahar’s medical ministry. Once again, Geoff and his family will be coming out to serve the refugee community as well as people from our Persian church. We look forward to what God will do in both these outreaches.

Sunday Service
Sending Off A Sister

CHURCH LIFE: It’s a blessing to see God grow this unique Persian church into what He wants. We get so blessed watching those that attend, serve in their community and in their church. It’s a privilege for Arno & I to shepherd this group and we daily stand in awe at what God has done and we pray for all He wants to do in and through them. 

Biopsy Time 🙂

IMPORTANT HEALTH NEWS: I know many of you have been praying for Suzie’s health and doctor visits she’s recently had last month. After her blood tests and being examined by an Endocrinologist she was finally diagnosed with Hoshimoto’s disease, which is an autoimmune disease, which primarily attacks her thyroid glands. Endocrinologists are specially trained physicians who diagnose diseases related to the glands. The diseases they are trained to treat often affect other parts of the body beyond glands. Having this disease has caused her to have hypothyroidism, which causes a gambit of problems and symptoms, one being higher chances of heart issues and higher cholesterol than normal, which means she needs to continue to eat right and exercise daily. She has been put on medication for all of this and it has been helping a lot already.

The other problem is they found a 1.2cm sized cyst on her thyroid as well as a few small cysts. The larger one was big enough that the doctor wanted a biopsy, which was done last week, and we will know the test results soon. The thing about Hashimoto’s disease is that it’s treatable, and that’s a blessing, but it does come with a lot of baggage (so to speak) that is draining both physically and mentally on Suzie. She and I are taking it as it comes and dealing with it with much prayer and patience. Thankfully my wife loves to workout anyway and has been exercising like normal on her elliptical every day and changing her eating habits just to be safe. I have to say she is handling this situation like many of the other physical issues that have been thrown her way through the years, with much grace and strength from God and a whole lot of prayer.

NEW FINANCIAL SUPPORT CHANGES: Just to give you all a clear heads up, we will be changing the avenues that you can financial donate by the end of this month. In November there will be a new way to send support. So please keep this in mind and in our next update later this month, we will give more info and the necessary information you need.


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We cannot say enough how grateful we are for your continued love and support!  Your trust in Suzie and I to discern God’s will, leading and work that He has us doing, is such a blessing and an encouragement. Thank you for your faithfulness, to support us in not only the fruitful seasons but also the dry seasons, which inevitably God is working in those too. Praise be to our wonderful and gracious Lord Jesus!


  • CCBC TEACHING SITE IN ATHENS: Now that my class is finished the students have two more block classes and will be serving in our ministry until November. Please continue to pray for these students, staff, and all God wants to do during this time.
  • CCBC OUTREACH TO CRETE OCTOBER 17-20: We are sending a team of CCBC students to Crete, Greece to serve and help our friends and fellow CC missionaries, Sean & Jackie Colman as they are church planting there. Please lift this outreach to the Lord, that they would be a blessing to Sean, Jackie and the church there, bless as they minister to the body of believers that attend the church as well as reach out with the gospel as given opportunity!
  • MEDICAL OUTREACH OCTOBER 10-14: Please pray for God to once again use this method of reaching the lost and helping those that need medical care and can’t afford it from non believing refugees to people in our Persian Church. Also pray for Dr.Geoff Akney and family who will be coming from CC Kaiserslautern, Germany to do this along side our friend, Sahar and her medical ministry, CMC.
  • VISITORS: Please pray for visitors passing through this month, specifically our friend Patrick (pastor of City light, in Bratislava) coming October 13-18 to serve with us and teach that following Sunday at our Persian Church.
  • CHURCH: Continue to pray for our Persian church and the discipleship that is happening weekly, both one on one and groups. Also for Arno & Frank as they pastor and lead.
  • HEALTH: Please pray for Suzie’s health, her recent discovery of having Hashimoto’s disease and Hypothyroidism. Pray for her medicine to continue to help in every way. Lastly for her cyst, that she recently had a biopsy on and that it would shrink and come back negative for cancer. We believe it is benign but won’t know for sure until the test results soon.
  • PROVISION: For God to provide for our needs in every way. Please pray for this; your prayers make a difference.

Thank you all for standing in the gap with us!


Frank & Suzie