A Brief Word on the Current Refugee Crisis & Upcoming Outreach

Dear Prayer Partners,

1700 people at a sports arena.
Temporary refugee camp -1700 people at a sports arena.

We wanted to share a brief update about some of the things that are happening right now. As you might know Europe is being inundated by massive waves of refugees, mostly from the Muslim world. In previous updates we’ve shared about our personal involvement in refugee ministry and made mention that Greece has been engulfed in a refugee crisis for more than a decade now. However in recent months the numbers of those entering the country have swelled immensely. Like in the past, these people are looking for a better life that is free from the danger or war, famine, religious totalitarianism, and economic plight. The difference now is that the number of those entering the country is so large that local government has begun to establish make-shift refugee camps. The basic human needs of food, clothing, and medical care within the camps are immense and over the last few weeks several of the local churches and Christian ministries, including our ministry, have begun to work together to see these needs met. The administrative workers over the camps have been welcoming the help from local churches and Christian organizations. We’ll write more about this in our next update but I just wanted to make a brief mention of the changes of the situation on the ground in Athens in this update.

The vast majority of those coming in are doing so illegally, which of course raises a host of moral issues to wrestle through, and plan to only pass through Greece in order to reach northern European countries. Nevertheless the situation has created a unique climate in which doors for the gospel have been opened to a people normally beyond the reach of the average believer. Despite the complexities of the political and social ramifications of this great onslaught, the opportunity to share Christ by reaching out to help alleviate human suffering continues to exist and grow. It is therefore our hearts to do what the Lord enables us to as believers and missionaries.

In our previous update we explained our three-fold ministry focus, church planting, equipping foreign church leaders, and serving the refugee community. We also mentioned how in recent weeks we began to co-labor with our friends Arno and Sahar in their new medical outreach (City Medical Care). Next week, October 5-9, we will be having our first medical outreach week-long clinic. The Lord has blessed us with teams from Calvary Chapel Kaiserslautern, Germany and Calvary Chapel Treviso, Italy who are coming out for the week to serve in various ways. Please remember to keep this coming week in your prayers as the enemy’s attacks are certain. The event will be held in a church for the first four days. This will be the first time that most, if not all, those attending will have stepped foot into a Christian church. The final day will be done remotely at a refugee camp outside the city.

On another note, we would also like to ask you to pray for our friend Vicky’s husband George. He has been suffering from a unique type of cancer and has taken a turn for the worse. Vicky was our Greek teacher for some time and is a dear sister in the Lord. She’s been through quite a bit of hardship in life. We love her dearly and are beseeching the Lord to have mercy upon her and her family.

We will post a more detailed update in mid-October and share about how the outreach went.


MEDICAL OUTREACH –OCTOBER 5-9: Pray for the Lord to make the week go by smoothly, good health for all those serving, team unity, wisdom to handle unexpected situations, for the people whom God wants to attend to come, and most of all for Christ to be glorified and gospel be known through us as we serve.

OPEN DOORS TO MINISTER AT THE CAMPS: We are currently working with several others ministries to help provide humanitarian relief at the camps in support of the local governments. We have been welcomed with open arms. Please pray for the Lord to lead in this and make ways for us to share the love of Christ with the refugees and the Greek civil servants who are overseeing the locations.

FUTURE MINISTRY PLANNING: For God to guide as we plan for ministry in the coming year, organizing teams to come along side us in service and for arranging for the provision of resources.

HEALTHY: Over all health for Suzie & I and those we serve with. That God would particularly protect us this coming week of the outreach as well as those that are coming alongside to serve from Germany and Italy.

CAR: That God would provide the right car at the right price at the right time. We are still shopping but need something newer soon. Please pray for all that is needed.

GREECE RESIDENCY APPLICATION: Please pray, as we will be applying for our Greek residency the week after next. Pray for a smooth and successful process without delays. Thankful the Lord is putting this all together and providing what we need! Also, just to inform you, we most likely will not have to go to Germany first to register before registering here in Greece after all, as we have been told recently by our lawyer we should be able to do it all from here, legally. Thankful!

VICKY & GEORGE: Please pray for our friend and sister in Christ Vicky’s husband George he has been battling a unique type of cancer and has taken a turn for the worst, we are asking the Lord to heal and have mercy! George is a believer!

PRAISE: Suzie’s German ID has arrived. She’s even more official now. Her permanent German passport will be on its way soon.

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Thank you again for taking the time to read and for standing in the gap with us!!


Frank & Suzie

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