Follow Up on Last Month’s Update…

Dear Prayer Partners,

Just a little catch up on some of the things we asked you to pray for last month. Our time has been pretty limited but we were able to sit down for a few minutes today. We are planning a more detailed ministry update in the beginning of September but for now, here you go…

GREECE’S FINANCIAL CRISIS: Since we wrote last the storm has calmed considerably. The government is currently working through its new bailout plan. The situation has left the people feeling pretty frustrated and helpless as they are the ones caught in the middle of this political mess. The road ahead is a very long and hard one for this country but our prayer is that God would use it to soften people’s hearts toward Christ, our only true hope.

HEALTH ISSUES: Suzie’s visit with her neurosurgeon went exceptionally well. The MRI showed that there was no damage to her implants and that the surgery she had last year on her spine has proven successful. The pain she has been having is simply inflammation that the doctor treated with a medicinal therapy that helped immensely. The pain has subsided nearly 100%, though it still flares up a bit if she does too much physically.

GERMAN PASSPORT: We have come to the conclusion that bureaucrats, no matter which country, culture, or language are all trained at the same bureaucratic school. It is either that or they share the same DNA make-up. We are continuing to wait for Suzie’s permanent German passport to arrive, which is now over a month late. But… we are blessed how much easier it is to live within EU under Suzie’s German citizenship. Residing in Greece does not come without its bureaucratic challenges but it is a much simpler process to go through when your wife is a EU citizen. We are so thankful for the way that God provided us with a completely legal way of staying within the EU without much effort on our end. He has truly shown us His favor on this! I (Frank) was also granted an extension on my current visa to allow time for the passport to come. Without it I cannot file for my own residency.

OCTOBER MEDICAL OUTREACH: Our time in part over the last few weeks has been occupied in planning the medical outreach with CC Kaiserslautern, Germany and our friends Arno and Sahar. The planning is nearly done as the Lord has provided a location at a local Greek church in the city center, some of the funding, most of the helpers both local Greek and Iranian believers, as well as some potential additional help from another CC in Europe. Suzie will be working registration and some oversight, and I will be doing an evangelistic teaching for any seekers who are interested. We’re excited to see how God will use this!

MISSIONS (EUROPEAN PASTORS/LEADERS) CONFERENCE: On Friday August 14 we leave for the conference in Austria and will be gone until August 27. We’re blessed to bring our friends Arno and Sahar along with us to introduce them to more of Calvary Chapel ministry in Europe. We are traveling via ferry through Italy and are planning to visit some of the Calvary Chapels in northern Italy along the way. As much as we enjoy this conference ourselves our hearts are to see Arno, Sahar and their girls receive a refreshing time with the Lord and His people. So thankful how God put this trip together and how He provided for it!!!


GREECE: Wisdom for Greek and European leaders to work through the financial crisis in an integral way, and for these dark times to be used to open hearts for Christ and wisdom on how we can play a part in it.

HEALTH: Continued health for us in every way, and continued healing of Suzie’s back. We are so thankful for a good report from her last doctor’s appointment.

SUZIE’S PERMANENT GERMAN PASSPORT: For it to come soon in order for me (Frank) to file for legal residency in the EU. My little German wife is good to go regardless of her passport.

OCTOBER MEDICAL OUTREACH: God to guide Sahar and us as we prepare for every detail, for God to bring the right workers to serve, for the hearts of the people receiving care to see the love and grace of Christ through these acts of mercy!

CONFERENCE TRIP AUGUST 14-27: Traveling mercies to and from the conference in Austria, through Italy, a blessed time for all who attend and the pastors who are coming to minister to us, and for our friends from Greece Arno, Sahar and their kids whom we are bringing that they would be refreshed and hear from the Lord.


THE COLEMANS ON CRETE: We are praising the Lord for our friends the Coleman family, CC missionaries serving and church planting on the island of Crete. They told us earlier this week that they received their residency renewals for Greece. This is not an easy thing for Americans but when God wants you here, He can’t be stopped! God is good!

ER BILL IN THE U.S.: We praise the Lord that the hospital forgave our ER bill that we mentioned in our previous posts. The bills from the doctors have been mostly covered but we are still working through part of them. We are grateful to see how God provides so amazingly!

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Thank you again for taking the time to read and for standing in the gap with us!!


Frank & Suzie