Mid-Furlough Update April 2015

Hello Everyone,

Our furlough has continued to be busy, blessed and fruitful. We’ve ended up having a lot more time with family than originally anticipated. This has been a blessing to us as my (Frank’s) side is the size of a small country so getting to see them is not always easy.

SOME MINISTRY: Beyond these times we’ve had multiple opportunities to share one on one with people from our sending churches and to enjoy much needed fellowship. I have one more class to teach for the CC South Bay’s School of Discipleship and have really enjoyed sharing with this group of hungry believers. My time teaching the word at Newport Coast Lighthouse back in March went well as I shared from Acts 1 on our need to rely on the Holy Spirit.

GERMAN PASSPORT: Suzie applied for her German passport on April 16. We discovered it might take a bit longer than planned due to some technicality with her maiden name. The process is easy and relatively inexpensive but might take more time than we have. If it does they will quickly issue her a temporary passport that is good for a year that she can exchange once her permanent one shows up. The workers at the consulate were overwhelmingly friendly and helpful which was an added benefit.

BOOK PROJECT: The publishing of Why Grace Changes Everything has been idle for a short time due to a lack of funds. The text is translated and ready to be published but we need to raise the funds. Our monthly support is not high enough to cover the expense of this project. We’ve been able to raise some funds but in total we need $2500 to complete it. We can’t stress enough how relevant this book is to the Greek people and the wonderful opportunity that we have with Logos Books and its president in Greece to do the publishing, promotion and distribution throughout Greece and Greek speaking communities worldwide. Logos is anxious to get this book out but is a non-profit and unable to cover the cost, or make it any cheaper for us than they already have, short of reducing the number of books printed. If you’d like to help out with this please contact us.

RETREAT REFRESHMENT: Suzie returned from her women’s retreat at Twin Peaks with CC Bible Fellowship Temecula refreshed and encouraged by the Lord. She was blessed to spend ample time with her friend Leanne, reconnect with our friend Cathy who works at the conference center, as well as see Sally Van Wick (Pastor Clark Van Wick’s wife) whom she has gotten to know over the years.

ROAD TRIPS: Earlier in the month we set out on our first road trip to Tuscan Arizona to see some family. Soon after we took a few down days at the Twin Peaks conference center where we mostly spent time walking in the forest and praying. From there we made our way to the high desert area to see more family and then drove up to Bakersfield to connect with Suzie’s side and one more of my family members who live there. This sounds like a lot of zipping around but it has been time well spent.

E.R. FUN: While in Bakersfield we had the pleasure of personally exploring the emergency room at a local hospital at 2 A.M. Suzie had a sudden medical event… her hands turned blue (like a corpse… no exaggeration) and she went hypothermic. After 3 hours and several different tests we left with little more than we came in with other than what could be a BIG bill. In short, the doc knows what happened (a vasospasm… i.e. constricted blood vessels cutting off oxygen) but does not know what caused it. We’ve been given a list of tests to take once we return to Europe to find out the cause. For now we are monitoring her temperature daily and she is taking one aspirin each day for blood thinning, in case it is heart related.

NEXT ROAD TRIPS: We have other road trips planned beginning this week. First we’re heading to Oceanside to visit with some friends in from Virginia, Karin and her daughter Emily Cass and then to San Diego to visit Maranatha Chapel and stay with our friends Shawn and Annie Stone. From there we head to Murrietta for a couple of nights to visit with our friends the Nigros (Mark is the former pastor of CC Treviso, Italy but currently serving as the Dean of Men at CCBC Murrietta). In early May we will head north to Santa Barbara to visit the church and to spend a couple of days with our friends the Guziks and Longs. From there we head back to Bakersfield for Mother’s Day. This will be the first time in ten years that Suzie has been able to see her mom on this special day. From there we will continue to travel north to the Modesto area to visit another one of my sisters, and then even further north to Oregon to spend some time with yet another of my sisters and her husband. O.k. I think I am exhausted already and I am just writing this. As much effort as this all takes it really is a joy to us as we do not know when we will see any of these dear folks again… missionary life!

Here are a few of our most recent furlough pics… be sure to see the prayer requests below too 🙂

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MINISTRY OPPORTUNITIES: Frank’s final class at CC South Bay on April 27 and whatever else may come up planned or unplanned.

GERMAN PASSPORT: Thankful for a smooth process thus far and pray that it will arrive before we return to Greece on May 26.

HEALTH: Suzie’s blue hands… that they would find the root issue and treat it, or better yet, that God would just heal her; her back’s been hurting so prayer needed there; overall good health for our remaining time.

DIRECTION: Please continue to pray for the Holy Spirit’s direction as we seek Him on some specific things regarding ministry and location. We are truly overwhelmed by your support and prayer for this!

“WHY GRACE CHANGES EVERYTHING” IN GREEK: This project has been idle for the last couple of months due to lack of funding. The text is translated and ready to be published but we need to raise the funds. The total cost will be $2500. Please pray for the Lord to provide. If you’d like to help out with this please contact us. We can’t stress enough how relevant this book is to the Greek people.

CD OF “HOW CAN A MAN BE BORN AGAIN” MESSAGE IN GREEK: Most of the CD’s arrived though the guys at CC Paphos in Cyprus are still waiting, pray for the Spirit to guide their distribution and use when we return.

TRAVEL: Please pray for traveling mercies and God’s blessing on our time for each of our up coming trips: San Diego/Murrieta (April 22-25), Santa Barbara/Northern Cal/Oregon (May 6-19).

FINANCIAL PROVISION: Here are some specific needs that we currently have… E.R. Bill for Suzie’s blue hand episode (we are anticipating a high bill that our insurance won’t cover); Book Publishing Cost; Furlough Needs i.e. shopping for clothes to take back as they are much cheaper and better in the U.S.; and our overall Monthly Support to increase to meet our needs. We are forever grateful for God’s faithfulness to ALWAYS provide for us!

If you are a church or an individual and would like to learn about partnering with us financially with either a one time gift or regular monthly support you can visit our Becoming A Sender page by following the link.

Thank you for standing in the gap with us!


Frank & Suzie