Our Tenth November

Hello Everyone,

November is upon us once again and this month marks the end of our 10th year of service on the field and the beginning of our 11th. So much has happened since we arrived in Europe in 2004. We have served in three countries (Poland, Italy and Greece), among a variety of cultures from three continents, have experienced changes, growth spurts, obstacles, times of waiting, and trials but through it all MUCH blessing has come! God has brought us through each challenge and in the midst, deepened our walks, so we wouldn’t change a thing. We are so thankful to the Lord for His presence in our lives through it all and we can honestly say that we are looking forward to what He will do next as we continue serving Him on the foreign field. If we haven’t expressed it enough, please allow us to do so again by saying how grateful we are for each of you and for your continued faithfulness to partner with us in prayer and support. May God reward you richly for all that you have done for the kingdom through backing us!


CC BIBLE COLLEGE, ITALY: Thank you all for praying for the group of students and staff that visited Athens from the CC Bible College in Montebelluna for a Foot-Steps of Paul tour. Throughout the week we enjoyed times of worship and teaching in the various biblical archaeological sites here and in Corinth. At one point while worshiping during a morning devotion beneath the acropolis we even drew a crowd of student passersby as we sang songs to the Lord in English and Italian. It was an incredible blessing having this group here for nearly a week, especially pastors Craig Quam and Dean Malispina, as well as our old student Rachel Woodcock who is now serving at the school. We said goodbye to them feeling refreshed by their fellowship and encouraged by their support and even talked about the possibility of an outreach team coming at some point in the future should the Lord lead. Just knowing they are behind us is an encouragement in itself! 

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BOOK PUBLISHING: We are moving forward with the hardcopy publishing of the Greek version of, Why Grace Changes Everything. I will be meeting this Friday to work out the details with Fotis Romeos, a Greek pastor who is also the director of AMG (American Mission Greece) and Logos Christian Publishing and bookstore. Fotis & I are both excited to see this book published and made available in Greece. Currently the proposed plan is for our ministry (CC Hellas) to distribute the books we receive to our various connections in Greece, and to make them available to other ministries reaching out to Greek speakers outside the country. The books the publisher receives should be available in their Christian Bookstore here in Athens. That’s the general plan but as I mentioned above we are still working out the details. There are a few steps left that we must go through to make this happen including raising the approx. $2500 publishing cost, final editing, & cover art work. Please pray that God would take care of each of these things quickly. I should know more about the details within the next couple of weeks and hope to pass them on in our next update. If you would like to support this project financially please contact me (Frank) at calvarychapelhellas@gmail.com

SHORT-TERM TRIP TO ENGLAND: After praying about it for some time the Lord has opened the door for us to take the short-term trip to England that we had mentioned in previous updates. Although we had intended to go for a longer time we felt that the Lord gave us a three-week window, from November 14th through December 8th. The bulk of our time will be spent in the southwest of England with Bob and Jeannie Claycamp serving with them in the multifaceted ministries of the churches in Exeter, Wotter and the region.

Over the last couple of months a few CC missionary pastor friends serving in Europe have encouraged us to take some time to get outside of Greece in order pray for fresh vision and clarity on things that have been on our hearts these last few months. They themselves had taken time away from their places of ministry in the past in order to do the same and found it to be exceptionally fruitful. As we continued to seek the Lord on this we realized that part of God’s purpose for our trip to England was to give us the opportunity to not only serve but also seek Him on these things. The brothers I mentioned above boar witness of this and felt this trip was a good move for us. With that in addition to the ministry we have planned while in England, we’ll also be praying for fresh vision for church planting in Greece and the details that are involved in it, as well as if there is a possible new direction should the Lord lead or close the door on us here (As we mentioned in our last update if Suzie’s German citizenship doesn’t come through in the near future we will have to leave Greece.). It is amazing how God is putting this trip together already, as it will begin with a time of prayer and fasting in York, with many of the pastors and leaders in the UK. We are trusting that God will speak! Please pray with us through this time that it would be fruitful and that we would hear the Lord and have wisdom and faith to act on what we hear.

SURGERY FOLLOW-UP VISIT DECEMBER 11TH: Two days after we return from England we will be taking a day trip up to Thessaloniki for Suzie’s 90 day surgery follow-up. We will be flying up in the morning, and returning the same day. The doctor will exam her and give her another CT to see if everything is as it should be. We shall see. Suzie has been doing really well in her recovery, i.e. walking everyday and biking indoors. She still has a few months left of complete healing and is still soar but in general, feeling better than ever.


WHY GRACE CHANGES EVERYTHING, BOOK PUBLISHING IN GREEK: For God to provide the $2500 publishing cost and to work out all the final details! If you would like to support this project financially please contact me (Frank) at calvarychapelhellas@gmail.com

TWOFOLD ENGLAND TRIP, NOVEMBER 14-DECEMBER 8: Pray for a fruitful time of ministry with the Claycamps in the southwest of England, pastor prayer time in York, for wisdom as we seek the Lord for vision for our ministry in Greece or beyond.

GERMAN CITIZENSHIP: Please continue to pray for this, as it is crucial for our residency in Greece. Without lots of detail we are simply asking the Lord to provide this before the spring of 2015, which is the beginning of our visa deadline. He can do it if it’s His will. Trusting Him completely!

HEALTH: Continued recovery from Suzie’s back surgery and a positive 90 day follow-up visit in Thessaloniki on December 11th, staying free from all colds and flues of the season, and general good health for us both!

ALL MINISTRY: God’s anointing on the times I am teaching the men’s discipleship and at the Pakistani fellowship on Sundays, one on one training meetings with “pastor Peter” and that he would continue to grow in his ability to teach the word to shepherd the church God has given him.

PROVISION: That God would continue to provide financially for all of our monthly personal and ministry needs as He is always faithful to do so. Lately we have seen Him provide in amazing ways, especially regarding Suzie’s health needs. We are very grateful!


CC BIBLE COLLEGE, ITALY: Thank you for praying first off! We praise the Lord for this group because they were an incredible blessing and encouragement to us. We really enjoyed having them here!

SURGERY RECOVERY: Thankful for a very speedy and successful recovery thus far.

OPEN DOOR TO PUBLISH BOOK: Amazingly blessed that we’ve been given an open door to publish Why Grace Changes Everything in Greek and from the positive response from Greek pastors.


If you are a church or an individual and would like to learn about partnering with us financially with either a one time gift or regular monthly support you can visit our “Becoming A Sender” page or click here. Thank you for standing in the gap with us!


Frank & Suzie


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