End of Summer 2014…

Dear Prayer Partners,

 Thanks for all your continued prayers. The Lord has been faithful to answer. Here are some praise reports, a brief update and some current prayer requests.

 Praise Reports…

Suzie’s Back Surgery: Praising the Lord that the insurance company has approved her surgery. It is scheduled for September 16th at St. Luke’s hospital in Thessaloniki in northern Greece. Suzie will be admitted into the hospital on the 15th and will remain until about the 19th. After she is released from the hospital she will need to stay in the area for several days for a follow-up visit and the removal of her stitches. To reiterate she is having some metal implants put into her lower lumbar in order to stabilize her spine. This will cause her lower vertebrae to fuse naturally over time without causing any further complications and pain. The estimated recovery time is about a month and a half. The doctor does not want her sitting for up to three weeks so that means she will be lying down and taking slow walks around the house. Prayerfully this surgery will be successful to improve the quality of her life and she will be back to her normal exercise routine by the end of October. We’ll be keeping you posted.

 Fast Fruit: Last week while at the conference we received an email from our friends serving on Crete. They have already begun to give out copies of the Greek version of, Why Grace Changes Everything. Greek people and pastors have began requesting copies from them after they read it and desire to pass it out to people in their church. We are so blessed to see fruit so soon after completing this project! Lord willing the funds will be available in the future for a hard copy version as it is currently only in electronic form.

The Latest…

 August Travels: We had a blessed time of travel in August, first in Italy then in Austria and then back in Italy. We visited friends and churches along the way all while enjoying immense amounts of fellowship and the teaching of God’s word. The conference in Austria was exactly what we needed. It was a blessing to get to know some of the guest speakers and see lots of old and new faces. We’re already looking forward to next year! Here are a few pics of our time.

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 Current Ministry: We’ll be taking a break from our involvement at the Helping Hands refugee center until some time after Suzie’s recuperation is complete. Beyond this things should continue on as normal i.e. discipleship and ministry training with Peter, Supporting role in the Farsi Bible study on Friday, and Men’s Discipleship on Thursdays. In addition to these things we are continuing to pray about which direction the Lord is taking our ministry in. Church planting for Calvary Chapel has always been our ultimate calling and we are continuing to seek God’s will in this and encouraging others who are engaged in this ministry as well, like the Coleman family on Crete.

Things To Come…

Visiting Missionary: At the end of August our friend and mobile missionary Pamela Shattuck will be coming to Athens for 3 months. She will be serving in many ways in our city and helping us by staying in our flat during our time away for Suzie’s surgery and ministry trip to the UK. Pamela was with us last year for a couple months and helped out in various ways. She comes out of CC Vista and has been serving in various countries for several years now.

CC Bible College Italy: After Suzie’s recovery from surgery we will be hosting a group of 28 from CC Montebelluna Bible College in Italy. They will be coming out on a Footsteps of Paul tour from October 13-17th. We are looking forward to helping them navigate this spiritually educational journey and are blessed by their hearts to encourage us, and our ministry in the process. Pastor Craig Quam and some of the other leaders from the school will be part of this group one of which was one of our former students when I taught at the Bible College in Montebelluna several years ago. Currently I am helping them to coordinate their housing and transport. It’s a big group but should be lots of fun. Excited about enjoying their fellowship!

 UK Ministry Trip: As you know from our previous update we were invited to England. We are still praying about taking this ministry trip in late October-November. If the Lord wills we will be traveling to the southwest of England to help and encourage our friends pastor Bob & Jeanne Claycamp for a few weeks. On this short-term trip we will help with some of the general ministry, pastoral training and outreach in the region. Currently Bob is pastoring two churches, CC Exeter and Wotter. Lots to do there and not many hands to do it! We hope to be a blessing even if it is only for a short time.

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Thank you for standing in the gap with us!


Frank & Suzie

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  1. Susie

    Brother & Suzie – just wanted you to know that we and our church are praying for Suzie’s surgery that God will guide the Doctor’s hands & that you Suzie have a speedy recovery. We trust God for a great outcome after all Jesus is our Doctor “:)
    Love & Blessings,
    Susie (your favorite Sister “:) I’m kidding “:)

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