May Days… 2014

Hello Everyone,

Praying this update finds you all well. Sending out some praise, update and prayers. We thank the Lord for each of you and the support you bring to us personally and in the ministry God has called us to.

 Things to Praise the Lord For…

We’d like to start this update with some praises.

Praise #1: Even though we have been praying for the last two years now for a new car the Lord in His wisdom sees that we should keep our car for the time being and has decided to provide for us to get it fixed up a bit, starting with new tires and then getting our gas system fixed. Our car runs on two fuels, one that is like propane (LPG) and normal gas. LPG is much cheaper as gas prices range from $8 to 10 a gallon. With this little fix, we now pay about $5 to 6 a gallon. Praise God! We still need a new car but we are just grateful to have one and that it is running a bit better.

Praise #2: While I (Frank) was getting our car serviced I had an opportunity to share my life with an older lady that started asking me questions at the repair shop. We ended up having a conversation for over 40 mins just sharing stories about each other’s lives. The funny thing is when I was about to leave; I stopped and thought, ”Wait a minute, that was all in Greek”! The lady spoke no English at all. God is good and has a way of using us when we least expect it! So humbling!

Praise #3: Not to get too excited as we still need to send it off but we are finally finished with our two media projects Suzie & I have been working on for the past two years! It is something that has been close to our hearts and we felt it a need for this country. The book, “Why Grace Changes Everything” is finished/translated into Greek and being sent off to CC Costa Mesa’s missions department. It will first be available on their translation website in E- Book form for anyone to download. As far as publishing it, we realize that many people are reading books through Kindle programs more than anything so when the time is right and the money is there we will worry about the publishing. Also, the CD, “How Can A Man Be Born Again” by pastor Chuck is finished and the music that is added on the CD by Scott Cunningham is being recorded and sung in Greek this week by a Greek musician named Akis. We have to say it is such a blessing listening to pastor Chuck’s message and Scott’s song in Greek. God’s so good. A special thank you to a few people who have helped in this endeavor. First thank you CC LAX for recording the music tracks so Akis can do the vocal easier, to Scott Cunningham for his heart to use two of his songs, our Greek brother Akis a fellow believer here in Athens who wants to see this used in Greece and for his encouragement to us since we began this project and lastly for our brother Manos who is the vocal for pastor Chuck in the CD. We pray the Lord would use the CD and Book for His glory!

Opportunities to Serve…

Friday Night Bible Study: As you know on Friday’s we attend and help out at a Bible study mainly for Farsi speakers through one of the local Greek churches. Since last Friday and for the next few weeks I (Frank) will be continuing in John and have begun chapter 3 picking up where I left off last November. God is just allowing us to be influences and our hope is that they catch the vision for verse by verse teaching, see the need for it and continue in it when Arno takes it back over again next month.

Pakistani Fellowship: For the last month or so I (Frank) have been working with a pastor once a week to teach him inductive study and teach him how to teach through the word and learn how to prepare messages. He has asked me if I would teach one Sunday a month at the fellowship that he leads. My & Suzie’s heart for accepting this offer to teach one Sunday a month is to show by example how to teach verse by verse. We pray that this will make an impact in this fellowship.

Medical Day: Last week we had the privilege of being invited to serve at a medical day put on for the refugees needing medical care of all types. During this day a few doctors in Athens took the time to see specific families, give them medicine, perform check-ups and teach them proper hygiene. We also had the best hosts from a Greek staff at this facility. Our part in it was to give a healthy cooking demonstration, which many of you know how much we both love to cook so this was a blessing on top of blessing. It was about health but it also needed to be cheap and attainable for these families. We made homemade tortillas (made with olive oil) and showed different ways they can eat them. Specifically we made breakfast burritos because the contents are cheap for them to buy and readily available. We got lots of positive feedback that they all loved it and enjoyed learning to roll tortillas and actually to my embarrassment did a better job rolling than me.


CC Family Visiting Greece…

Guests: In the summer, which I guess starts in the month of May, Suzie & I usually get travelers either passing through Athens or coming to visit us. This week we had friends and fellow missionaries, Caleb & Kimmie Beller serving at CCBCE in Hungary celebrating their anniversary on a Greek island. But we hosted them for their first two nights here in Athens. We had fun showing them around and enjoyed some good talks and wonderful fellowship. Blessed and so refreshed to have CC family in Athens other than ourselves.

Road trip to Thessaloniki: Our friends that we have known for years, Mark & Celeste Yocom serving in Kosovo, are traveling to Greece from June 1 2. For the last 4 months they have been traveling to Greece for Celeste. I am sure many of you know now that she has been receiving chemotherapy treatments, as it is not available where they serve in Kosovo. On June 1st we will be traveling up to Thessaloniki to visit Mark & Celeste for a couple of days while Celeste receives her treatment. Our hearts are to encourage them and enjoy fellowship together.

Health Issues…

Thank you again for supporting and co-laboring with us in the work God has called us to. We truly can’t do it with out each of you behind us in how God leads you to be.

Things to Pray For…

 1)    Discipleship: Please continue to pray for the two different pastors Frank is training in Inductive Study through the Bible and teaching how to teach verse by verse.

2)    Times of Teaching: For the Lord to bless Frank’s time teaching at the Pakistani Fellowship once a month on Sundays. Also for the Friday night study as Frank continues on in John where he left off a few months back. He will be teaching for the next month. Please pray for the couple leading this study to catch the vision of verse by verse teaching when Frank is finished his teaching time.

3)    Road Trip to Thessaloniki, Greece, June 1-3: We are meeting up with Mark & Celeste Yocom serving in Kosovo, to encourage and enjoy each other’s fellowship while Celeste has her next Chemo treatment. Pray for safe travels for us and for the Yocoms, it is about 5 hours for us coming from Athens and for them coming from Kosovo. Most importantly please pray for Celeste’s healing!

4)    CD/Book Projects: For God to bless them as they are now finished and that God would use them for His glory!!

5)    The Spirit’s Leading: For God’s spirit to be in everything we do, that we would be part of a work that produces lasting fruit, for men to be trained up to plant Bible teaching churches with the vision of discipleship in this country and everywhere, for us to hear His voice and leading, to have discernment in specific decisions and for God’s ultimate will to be done in our lives and ministry.

6)    Provision: Please continue to pray for provision for all of our monthly needs and for us to be good stewards with all He blesses us with.

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Thank you for standing in the gap with us!

Lord Bless,

Frank & Suzie