April Happy Resurrection Day 2014 Update…

Hi Everyone,

Hope this update finds you well. We are well and blessed to be back serving the Lord once again in some of the ministry activities that we’ve been involved in since last year. We have also entered into some new opportunities that we’ll share about.  I (Frank) am continuing to meet with the men’s discipleship group on Thursdays, Suzie is continuing with her women’s Bible study on Tuesdays, and we are continuing to help out and attend the Friday Night Bible Study as an encouragement and support to our friends Arno and Sahar. Beyond that here are some highlights of  new ministry activities we are doing….

Helping Hands Refugee Ministry Family Day: We are now serving on Tuesday afternoons for their family program. We help to serve food, minister to the Muslim refugees who attend and I (Frank) will be doing some teaching on occasion when the need arises. This day gives Suzie and I another chance to serve together and enjoy God’s blessing in being servants to others.

Ministry Training: “And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” 2 Timothy 2:2. The idea behind this verse has been a driving force in my life for many years now. With that I am always praying for opportunities to pass on what God has taught me through the men of God He has placed in my life. The Lord recently opened the door for me to do this again in a one on one setting… actually two. There are two brothers in town from two completely different ethnic groups who are leading small fellowships for people of their language. I have begun meeting with both of them weekly on Wednesdays and Fridays and giving one on one ministry training lessons. In short, we are covering biblical pastoral ministry, inductive Bible study and teaching and a variety of pertinent topics that will aid them in their work. This time of equipping is an absolute blessing and they both are very excited and ignited every time we meet. Suzie and I are thrilled for this open door!

Discipling the Nations: As we’ve mentioned in the past, Athens is a crossroads for many cultures and is therefore a wonderful place to literally reach the world for Christ, whether the people are Greek or foreign. Most recently I had the chance to experience two distinct cultures in one day. On Palm Sunday I was invited to teach at a Pakistani fellowship in the evening but earlier in the day I joined a fellow missionary and friend Alan at the Eritrean fellowship where he was teaching. We both supported each other’s teaching engagements and had the chance to meet some dear believers from different parts of the world. 

All of this reminds Suzie and I of a verse that God gave to me several months ago. Suzie was at home praying for me while I was at a men’s meeting (yes, I know this sounds super spiritual but she really was). She was asking the Lord to encourage me and to continue to confirm my calling. At the very moment when she was praying a Persian brother sitting next to me turned and said in broken English, “Jeremiah 1:5 ‘Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations.’ That is for you.” This man has never done that before but told me later that it was on his heart to share it with me. The thing Suzie didn’t know was that I was also praying at that moment that God would speak to me. Later that night I told Suzie about this and we both excitedly rejoiced about the way that God answered both of our prayers, though not fully understanding the fullness of its meaning for us… still don’t. But, we can say that our work here has truly grown to be a ministry to the nations rather than just to the Greek people. God has given us this verse and others in supernatural ways like this throughout our time on the field. Some have come at the right time, those moments when we’ve needed to hear from Him, whereas others have come when we least expected them. These God moments are not by chance or reached randomly. We see God’s design in them and stand upon them as promises to us personally from our Father. We wait with expectation of what He will do as He has been reminding us of these promises lately. Our God is a Faithful God!

We’d like to end this update by saying, “Happy Resurrection Day!” or as our Greek friends would say, “Christos Anesti!” This literally means, “Christ is risen.” Your response would be, “Alithos Anesti!” which means, “Truly He is Risen!” We pray that God would bless you as you celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus! We will be doing so at a lamb roast with friends. Yes, a whole lamb on a spit. Yum!

Specific Points of Prayer:

1)   Health: Suzie’s right foot has started hurting her again, almost like she has sprained it…again. She has been wearing the ankle brace she was given by her doctor in the States because it has been painful to walk lately. Please pray for wisdom and healing.

2)    Book Publishing: God would provide the funds and the right publisher for the new Greek translation of, “Why Grace Changes Everything”. We are actively in talks with some prospects for the publishing.

3)   Men’s Discipleship: That God would lead us as Frank and the other leaders pray and discuss what to do next.

4)   Ministry Training: That Frank’s time with the two men he is training would be fruitful and that they would understand and implement the things they learn to the fellowships they are leading.

5)   Leading of the Spirit: We have been praying over a few ministry options and want to do the Lord’s will. Pray that He shows it to us in a clear way.

6)   Provision: Please continue to pray for a scooter for us, normal monthly financial support, and for the practical ministry stuff we put our money toward as well and that we would be good stewards of all that He entrusts to us.

Support Info: If you are a church or an individual and would like to learn about partnering with us financially with either a one time gift or regular monthly support you can visit our “Becoming A Sender” page or click here.

Thank you for standing in the gap with us!

Lord Bless,

Frank & Suzie