July & August… ALREADY?

Dear Saints,

We’ll be doing a more detailed update toward the beginning of September, but in short  God has been keeping us busy! The last month and a half have been pretty full with various open doors to minister thru teaching, preaching and serving. We’ve also had the pleasure of hosting a few different CC missionaries either coming to town to see us or passing thru 🙂 It has been such a blessing all around! There are also some unmet ministry needs here in Athens that fit into our overall church planting vision that have presented themselves to us. Currently we are prayerfully considering these needs and how God might use us to meet them.

Our Bible study is breaking for the remaining weeks of August but will resume in September. This is pretty standard in Athens. Most formal ministry comes to a halt this time every year as the city empties out. Beyond that I (Frank) have a couple of meetings planned with some ministry leaders and pastors about some future steps we are taking. So far the meetings that I’ve had have been fruitful and met with a positive response.

We will also be attending the missions conference in Millstatt, Austria from Aug 12-18. After the conference Suzie and I will be spending a few days with friends from the CC’s in northern Italy. Our plans are to begin and end our trip in Italy as we will be flying roundtrip into Venice and traveling to the conference from there as it’s only a couple hours to Millstatt. Our whole trip will run from August 11-22. We’re very excited about this as this is the first time we’ve made it to the conference since 2008! Suzie and I are grateful to the Lord for providing in His timing and with VERY cheap air tickets!

Looking forward to sharing about the good things that God is doing and how He is leading our ministry here in Athens in the next full update in September! Thanks for being behind us in your thoughts, notes of encouragement and most of all, your prayers!

Here are some things we’d like to ask you to pray for this month:

1) CC Hellas Ministries: Over the last couple of months some unmet ministry needs here in Athens that fit into our overall church planting vision have presented themselves to us. We and some others are prayerfully considering them. We’ll share more on this when we know more ourselves. As of now we rather just ask people to pray so we can see God work and make His will known. Please pray for clarity and genuine open doors from the hand of God.

2) Missions Conference/ Italy: We’ll be gone from Aug 11-22. Please pray for a refreshing time both at the conference and Italy, great fellowship, meetings with others, for traveling mercies, and for God to direct our time with it all!

3) Teaching: I’ll be teaching at CC Treviso, Italy on the 19th so please pray for God to speak thru His word.

4) Health: Continued good health for both of us and for Suzie’s back. She’s been having some issues with knots in her neck and back. This has been happening on and off for the last couple of weeks and has been very painful to her. Please pray for relief.

5) Language: We’ve resumed language lessons and are continuing to enjoy learning this new language but… we need grace! Please ask the Lord to give us supernatural power to quickly learn, understand and speak the Greek language. We believe He wants to do this in order to enable us to minister and communicate more effectively!

6) God’s Provision: Please continue to pray for God to provide for all of our daily needs both on the personal and ministry sides of things.

Thanks for taking the time to read and pray! If you are a church or an individual and would like to learn about partnering with us financially with either a one time gift or regular monthly support please click here .

Lord Bless,

Frank & Suzie

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  1. Joyce Sharnin, Los Angeles

    Keep on with that language. My favorite words in Greek (because of the way they sound) are bleppo & blepomai.

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