Summer Starter… June 2012 Update

Dear Prayer Partners,

I would like to begin this update by saying thank you to you all for partnering in our ministry with us. Whether you take a few minutes to read our updates and prayer requests, back us through intercessory prayer or support us financially, your hearts and efforts to labor with us in our calling to Greece bless us beyond words. Suzie and I have been especially encouraged by the overwhelming support that so many of you have shown us through various means of communication. We thank God for you all and understand the important role that you play in our ministry.

Over the last month we’ve continued to serve in the ministry activities that we mentioned in our last update. Doing this has allowed us to experience the wide variety of ministry that takes place in Athens in a more personal way.

Food Outreach: On Monday and alternate Thursday afternoons Suzie and I have continued to serve at the food outreach hosted by the 2nd Evangelical church. It’s been a great joy to serve alongside our Greek brothers and fellow missionaries from other agencies in this simple effort to share the love of Christ. The set up is simple, handout pre-prepared meals, coffee, tea and clothing to those who come. The group who attends this outreach is made up of people from various nations in the world who came to Greece seeking a better life only to fall upon unexpected harder times due to the economic crisis. Their regular attendance presents the opportunity to build relationships and opportunities to share Christ.

Suzie and I are not only serving at 2nd Evangelical’s food outreach, but are also attending Sunday services there for the time being. Over the last couple of months we’ve enjoyed being part of this fellowship and sitting under some wonderfully sound expositional teaching of the word. George, the pastor of this church is very open minded and has welcomed us with open arms for as long as we’d like to stay. I’ve been very open and honest with him about our calling to plant churches in Greece and he is very supportive of us building the kingdom of God in the way God is leading us to.

Seeker’s Class: I (Frank) have been teaching the Seeker’s Class at the Helping Hands Refugee Ministry the last two Saturdays and am scheduled again this coming Saturday. Though we haven’t worked out a schedule yet with the other teachers I will be teaching this class at least two times per month. Currently we are going through a series on the Old Testament Messianic prophecies and their New Testament fulfillments. It has been a very new experience sharing the word with Muslim men who are either curious about or interested in Jesus. These men are among the vast torrent of economic and political refugees that are pouring into Greece from all over the Muslim world. I have been genuinely humbled to open God’s word to men who have little or no knowledge of Christ and have come from countries where they would be killed or imprisoned for listening to the Bible being taught. It is the hope and prayer of all those I am co-teaching this class with that these men would come to a true faith in Christ.

Born Again CD Project: We are completing this project step by step. We’ve already recorded pastor Chuck’s message in Greek. The next step is to find an able translator for the two Scott Cunningham songs that he blessed us with for the CD (thanks Scott!). Please pray for guidance in this as I am currently talking to some potential translators for the songs. After they’re translated our friend and brother Manos, a gifted musician/artist here in Greece, will be singing and recording the translated songs! The people that I’ve mentioned this project to have been very supportive of it and believe it will be a well used tool here to get the gospel out.

CC Hellas Bible Study: Our home Bible study will resume next Tuesday at the home of two fellow missionaries, Ken and Lisa Dirrim. Our plan is to complete our study of the Gospel of John as we continue to seek the Lord for the future of this aspect of our ministry. Specifically we are praying about the way the Lord will lead us to transition from a home Bible study to a formal church plant and how it will look.  We believe that God has been opening our eyes to some possibilities, but more on that next time…

Pulpit Coverage: Last year for the month of October I was blessed to cover Sunday services at one of the international churches here in town (ICF). I will be doing so again on July 1st  .Pat, the new pastor and his wife are in the States through July to apply for visas for Greece and he has asked me to cover one Sunday for him. Suzie and I are looking forward to another opportunity to encourage this fellowship of saints with God’s word. We had dinner with Pat and his wife last month and enjoyed getting to know them a bit. Before coming to Greece they served in Africa for 18 years. We know God will use them here.

CC Missionary Women Blog: This ministry that Suzie began nearly two years ago as an avenue to build up her fellow missionary women has grown tremendously. Calvary Chapel missionary women serving on every continent (but Antarctica) read the wide variety of content regularly. Though her heart in this was to encourage she has been the recipient of great encouragement as she has seen God use this simple tool to minister to women all over the world. Another part of the encouragement that she has received is all the new ladies that she has met through this ministry, both pastor’s wives from the States and missionaries overseas. She has grown close to many of these women and is forming wonderful unexpected friendships. Many of the women at the Siegen conference expressed their excitement and support to her during the pastor’s wives meeting and have even expressed ways they want to contribute. I have personally been blessed to see my wife’s diligence with this ministry and the way that God has faithfully and increasingly been fulfilling the vision that He placed in her heart several years back. We pray that it would continue to grow in every way!

Men’s Prayer Time: I’ve been joining a few of the other missionary men in town early on Thursday mornings for a time of prayer, encouragement and accountability. These meetings have been a huge blessing to me as I’ve had a chance to get to know these brothers more on a personal basis and to learn more about how we can lift up one another’s hands in our various ministries.

Greece Elections: There will be another critical election on Sunday June 17. It is critical because the results of this election could have a drastic effect upon how Greece continues to deal with its economical crisis. As always in Greece, there is a real chance of violence breaking out as a result of this election. Please pray for God’s will in all of this and the peace of the nation.

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Praises to Him!

CC Siegen Leadership Conference: Thank you all for praying for our time in Siegen, Germany last month. It was a much needed getaway and was uplifting in every way. We not only enjoyed a great deal of wonderful teaching but also had our fill of fellowship with friends serving in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. We also had the extra blessing of spending a little time with Joel Rosenberg, one of our favorite Christian authors. One of the things that God did through this conference was to remind us of our personal responsibility to bless Israel. With that we hope in some way to bless the Jews of Greece in a way that will reflect the love of Jesus the Messiah! Enjoy a short slide show below of our time there with old friends and new friends!

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